We have stayed in the P&O 5 Berth Club Cabin on 4 occasions now. You can read our advice on the Hull to Zeebruge ferry crossing too if you want to more information on what is available on board. If you are travelling with kids then we think this is a great size cabin to choose for your overnight stay. This is one of the largest cabins available and it means you can spread out and have a bit more space.

Our P&O 5 Berth Club Cabin Review

Club Cabin 5 Berth

Club Cabin 5 Berth

The room consists of 4 beds (2 sets of bunks) and a sofa (which you could use as a single bed if needed). Although this can be different on the Hull to Rotterdam crossing. You also get a mini bar with drinks (raid it before you leave) a TV, towels, dressing gowns and a shower & toilet. If you do get the club cabin a quick tip is to put the clothes hangers inside the dressing gowns as otherwise they rattle all night long!

This room is also a great size if you have a young baby and have asked for a travel cot as there is more room (the travel cot isn’t huge though so of you have a large baby or toddler then they may not fit)

The club cabins do sell out so don’t wait until your on board to ask for an upgrade as the chances are there won’t be any available.

Club Cabin 5 Berth

Club Cabin 5 Berth


  • Take just what you need for one night with you. Backpacks are easier as it leaves your hands free to hold your child’s hand.
  • If you have a baby/young toddler then use a carrier and leave the pram in the car. So much easier moving around the ship with a baby carrier.
  • Travel cots are pretty small and run out quickly, so if you want one make sure you book them up. (Hull to Zeebrugge crossing only I think)
  • If you have a club cabin use the dressing gowns to stop the clothes hangers from rattling.
  • For a night light we leave the bathroom light on and close the door too, it leaves just enough light for us.
  • If you are looking on tips for sleeping altogether in one room then have a read of our survival tips for staying in a hotel room which may help you!
  • If you are looking for some information on travelling by ferry with children then pop over and have a read as we have a few other tips there too.

Have you ever stayed in a club cabin before. If so what did you think?

* Reviews are our own opinion. We haven’t been paid in anyway for writing this.

P and O Ferries Club Cabin Review

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    1. Hi Lindsay, Yeah they are pretty big. Some of the cabins are pretty small but this type of cabin gives everyone some space and enough space to move about while onboard. xx

  1. Hi Sam,
    We’ve no experience of all being in one room. How did you find it? Were you not all waking each other up once they fall asleep or did you just tend to go to bed at the same time?

    1. We have shared a room/cabin several times. Okay it isnt the best, however for one night it isn’t all that bad. Our youngest doesn’t sleep through the night anyway so I would see to him as normal. Apart from that everyone else slept okay. I get up a few times for the toilet during the night and never woke them up (we use the bathroom light as a night light – door nearly shut, works well) Getting the kids to sleep can be hit or miss; sometimes we just sit in the dark until they fall asleep, or sit in the bathroom. However we have fell asleep by mistake a few times laying in bed “pretending” to sleep! Oops. Hope that helps. 🙂 x

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