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How Dog Friendly is Northumberland?

In one word YES, we found Northumberland to be very dog friendly.  I don’t think we have been to many places where countless businesses have water outside for dogs and welcome dogs into their establishments. If you just have a dog/dogs then it is a very dog friendly region to visit. Although the problem we found was if you have children as well then you will need to make sure you plan well to get the most out of your holiday.

Bamburgh Beach
Our old man on the beach

Dog Friendly Northumberland

What we found difficult on our recent trip to Northumberland was finding dog/child friendly days out. Our accommodation didn’t allow us to leave the dogs unattended in the property which meant all our days out had to be suitable for the boys and the dogs too. This made the research and planning stage a lot harder (although maybe that is because we don’t do holidays with our dogs that often). I think the biggest thing to get correct is the accommodation. However, I am uncertain how many accommodations will let you leave dogs in the house alone. Or maybe people do that anyway without the owner’s permission?

Dunstanburgh Castle
Our collie

We have a list below of dog friendly days out that we had researched for our holiday. These days out are both dog friendly and child friendly. I’m sure there are many more in Northumberland, however as we were in the Bamburgh area we didn’t get to travel the whole region.

Dog Friendly/Child Friendly Days Out

I’m pretty sure you will have a great time in Northumberland just like we did. Our biggest tip would be to make sure you research everything properly especially if you have children as well. There is nothing worse than turning up for a day out to find dogs are not allowed in. The same goes for places to eat as not all towns you visit have dog friendly places. Some may allow you to sit in the beer garden but that’s only going to be good if it’s nicer weather. I know for us our boys would not enjoy sitting outside in the cold for very long.

cragside northumberland
The old man alert!

I hope some of the dog friendly days out give you some ideas for your own holiday to Northumberland. If you have any other dog friendly days out then please let us know in the comments below so we can share with our readers.

Read just how dog friendly Northumberland is.

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