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Looking Forward to 2016

Its that time of year again where we decide where we will go, I don’t think we will be going to many places this year compared to 2015. This is mainly because we are starting to save to take the boys to Florida to Disney World which will cost a fair bit for a family of 4. This means we will have a couple of years of saving to do on top of our normal holiday savings. We are also pretty restricted due to the nature of our businesses to when we can go away (our busy season is May to end of September!) To add even more into the mix our eldest is in nursery so we have to go by the school holidays too.

Belledonne Campsite

I’m hoping though we will be able to fit in a couple of nights away to see places within the UK or do some city breaks, but this all depends how busy work will be.

We always plan in advance which means we already have two holidays that we have booked. One is an 8 night break to Holland with Eurocamp in October. We have never been to Holland before so we are all looking forward to exploring and learning about different things. We definitely want to see some old windmills as they look so beautiful and picture perfect. We booked this only a few weeks after we came back from our holiday in France!

Esprit Caravan Eurocamp

Our other trip is over Easter which is another Eurocamp holiday. We managed to get a great deal in their Black Friday event which we just couldn’t say no too. This one seems to be a very popular campsite near to Paris. This again will be 8 nights in total which we will drive over from Hull. I have still to plan what we are going to do but Disneyland Paris may be a good option.

I will have to start researching very soon!

What travel plans does everyone have for 2016? Do you plan in advance like us or do you book last minute?

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Mummy and Wife at Travelling With Our Kids
I have always had an interest in travel and now we have our two boys we want them to see more than just the UK. We hope to give advice and tips to other parents who are anxious about travelling with their children. You can also read about our holidays and the places we have visited while away.
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    1. I think we might actually be going to the same campsite you visited – La Croix du Vieux Pont? It had so many good reviews we couldn’t say no when the black Friday deal came up. Eurocamp holidays are great fun 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for commenting Jenny. Yeah we are definitely looking forward to seeing some new areas we havent visited before. Which campsite did you go to? x

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