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Costings For A Family of 4 Plus 2 Dogs To Northumberland

Here you can find the costings for our family holiday to Northumberland. Budgeting for a family holiday can sometimes be stressful and it can take some planning to figure out costings for a family holiday. Deciding where to travel to next is one of my favourite parts of planning. Working out daily budgets and finding places to visit within our budget always keeps me busy for hours on end. We spent a week in Northumberland which below you can see what everything cost in total.

Our Trailer...we cant pack light!
Our Trailer…we cant pack light!

Costings For Our Holiday To Northumberland

Here is the breakdown of what everything cost us for our 7 night holiday in Northumberland, England. We also had our 2 dogs with us, which gave me a little more planning than normal.

Accommodation = £473 including £30 for the dogs
Travel Insurance = Annual policy which we pay every November
Petrol = £64.56
Attractions = £64.80
Food = £139.73 (included weeks shopping and lunches)
Cash = £40
Boarding For Pets = Free (dogs came with us and my friend looked after the rabbits for us)

TOTAL = £792.09

As you can see our costings for our family holiday were under £800 in total. Which for a family of 4 we think this is a pretty decent price. Bamburgh is roughly 2 hours from our house so it wasn’t a long road trip. However, we thought taking the dogs and our first time towing a trailer that we would stay somewhere close by.

Holy Island
Holy Island

Our food shopping bill always seems to cost more than normal, as we have to buy special free from food for Little K. Although we did take a few days worth of his food with us to keep the shopping bill down.

There were other places that we could have visited but we thought with the dogs being with us they may not have been suitable for them. We also thought that if you were visiting a lot of English Heritage or National Trust sights that a membership with them would have been a better option to say some money.

Have you ever been to Northumberland with kids & dogs? If you have been where would you recommend for people to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Costings for our family holiday to Northumberland

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