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Family Getaway in Austria/Germany, City Break 2011

This trip nearly didn’t go ahead as 4 weeks before we went my brother suddenly passed away from a stroke. He was only 26 and it hit everyone hard. My younger brother was suppose to be going to Orlando with him while we went to Austria but as he passed away we had to book hotels and flights for my younger brother to come along with us as we didn’t want to leave him behind. Luckily we managed to sort everything out and we decided to get away to take our minds off what had happened. This was also our eldest sons first trip abroad, he was 16 weeks old when we went.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Our itinerary was the following:

Fly into Salzburg Airport
2 nights Salzburg
1 Night Igls (Near Innsbruck)
2 nights Hohenschwangau
Depart from Munich

We were nervous about this trip as we were first time parents and didn’t know what it would be like to travel with a young baby. Though looking back knowing what we know now from all the other plane journeys we have done over the years I can honestly say flying with a young baby is simple! We got through security no problems (though Nick did have to taste the baby bottles – which was disgusting! Our eldest son was dairy intolerant and was on special formula) and everything went smoothly on the flight. Much to our relief.

We picked up our hire cars where we had hired a car seat. We then set off to Salzburg.

Salzburg Arrival

We arrived into Salzburg at our hotel and checked in. We arrived pretty late so once we were checked in we went straight out to find somewhere for dinner. It wasn’t until we got back from dinner we realised there was no kettle in the room (we are so use to having a kettle in hotel rooms we didn’t think to ask!). This meant we couldn’t make any bottles. Cue us all starting to panic and my husbands parents went out looking for a shop to buy a kettle. In the meantime the hotel let us use their machine in the kitchen that had hot water in it. Luckily the in-laws managed to find a kettle (we still have it to this day in case we need it again!)

Salzburg old town

Next morning we started to explore the city and take in the sights. Stopping in a local cafe for some drinks and lunch. We went to Hohensalzburg Castle (Salzburg Fortress) This had amazing views over the city (picture is above!) We couldn’t take the pram into the castle which meant I had to carry my son around while we went inside. Wasn’t too much of a problem as he was only small. We stayed our second night at the hotel.

Arrival to Innsbruck

On the way to Igls (near Innsbruck) we stopped by Lake Walch for some lunch and a walk around to stretch our legs for a bit. We took some beautiful pictures by the lake before getting back in our hire cars and heading to Igls for our 1 night stay. That evening we went into Innsbruck for our dinner.

Lake Walch

Lake Walch

Next morning we headed back into the Innsbruck and took the cable car up the mountain. After a look around we then headed into the next cable car that takes you even further up the mountain. While the women stayed inside to keep warm (we had the right idea) the men all headed out and walked to the top and to see the views. The views over the city were stunning and the mountain tops were covered in snow (it was October that we went!) After a spot of lunch we jumped back in the cars (again!) and headed to Hohenschwangau.

Arrival to Bavaria

Hohenschwangau is a lovely village near Fussen. It has two lovely castles – Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau. Neuschwanstein Castle appeared in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That evening at dinner our son started to scream inconsolably. I took him upstairs as I didn’t want to disturb the other hotel guests in the restaurant. Nick finished his dinner and came upstairs and said his screams could still be heard from downstairs in the restaurant and that one of the locals has phoned their family doctor and he was coming out to see our son. This is where our EHIC Card came in handy.

After seeing the doctor and my dad and Nick heading out to find a pharmacist that was open it would have cost us 500 euros but because of this card it cost us nothing. We were very lucky to have this card. So if you are entitled to this EHIC card then please get one for every member of your family. It doesn’t cost you a penny so is well worth it.

View of Hohenschwangau Castle

After our night from hell our son was bright as a button by breakfast and so we headed out to see the two castles. We spent pretty much all day exploring the two castles (tickets are pre set times that you have to buy beforehand from the ticket office) we were exhausted by the end of it! We spent the evening in the hotel and had dinner there too. The staff were all asking how our son was and were glad that he had recovered. Such a great holiday and we felt very welcome.

VIew of lake near Hohenschwangau Castle

Overall despite my family not been in the best frame of mind for this trip abroad, we had a really good time and learned a lot of different things about the area and ourselves. It was definitely a success as we all survived!!

You can also read our mini travel guide to Salzburg with Kids. Have you ever visited any of the places we visited?

Our family trip to Austria and Germany

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