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Caravan Break in the Borders, Scotland

Don’t know about you but I love going away even if it is just for a weekend! We had been wanting to book a caravan break for a while so we decided to book a long weekend away in the lovely Scottish Borders over the September holiday. We booked one caravan between 4 adults and at the time just our eldest son…and our 2 dogs!

Our Weekend Away In The Borders

As our shop was open for business on the Friday it was decided that I would drive down with all of our things, the dogs, my mum and Big K. I’m not so keen on driving places I don’t know but I was assured by my dad that it was pretty much a straight road and wouldn’t get lost. My dad and husband would follow down in the van straight from work in time for dinner.

selfie with dogs and child

Driving To The Borders

We set off with the car full to the top (the boot had the dogs in it so they had lots of space!) and set off towards Edinburgh to try beat the rush hour traffic. We arrived safety at the campsite and I went into the reception to get our keys. We were told where the caravan was and were given a map to find our way. Once we found the caravan we decided to unpack the car and get the dogs inside. The caravan had a decking area and we put a baby gate on it to keep the dogs secure.

dogs in a caravan

The Broken Oven

Once unpacked I set about trying to cook dinner which is where we hit our first problem…the cooker wouldn’t turn on. I went to reception to find out it was closed, my mum went over to the restaurant and the man she spoke to wasn’t very impressed that we were having problems, informing my mum that it was easy to do. Which my mum told him to come and show us how easy it was then. He came over and guess what…he couldn’t get it to work either.

Eventually after another 30 mins he got it working which meant we could set about sorting our dinner (which was now 30 mins behind) By this time my dad and husband had arrived and weren’t too impressed that dinner was late!

That evening after our eldest son was in bed we set about heading to bed ourselves. It ended up being a very uncomfortable night as both me and my husband found the beds very uncomfy.

child and granparent


Both my husband and dad set off early to head off for their day at work which meant myself, my mum and Big K were left to entertain ourselves. We had breakfast, played some games and then headed out for a walk with the dogs to explore. We were out for a good hour and a half before coming back to the caravan for some lunch.


After lunch we headed out to play some football which is when the torrential rain started. It was so heavy we were soaked within minutes. We ran back to the caravan and dried off. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the caravan playing with toys and watching TV.

Floors Castle

Picnic at Floors Castle


We set off for Floors Castle to explore and walk the dogs…not knowing that there was a big event going on! Oops! We arrived into a very busy overflow car park and made our way with the dogs to find somewhere to have our picnic (luckily the weather was good enough to enjoy a picnic) We found a bench and sat down to our buffet lunch while enjoying all the music and attractions that were going on.

Lab at Floors Castle

Collie at Floors Castle

After lunch my husband took the dogs to sit under a big tree to relax while myself, my parents and Big K headed inside Floors Castle to explore. Big K loves castles so he was in his element. We spent a good 40 minutes exploring the castle and learning more about the history of the castle. Eventually our son got bored and we headed back off outside to go for a walk with the dogs.

dancing to bagpipes

playing on the climbing frame

In the late afternoon we headed back to the caravan where we went to the onsite restaurant for dinner. It was a nice meal and we enjoyed our time chatting away. After dinner we went back to the caravan and collected the dogs and went for a walk. We had some great views on our walk.


As our shop was open normal hours, my dad and husband left early. This meant it was up to us to pack everything up and get back to our house in one piece. We really enjoyed our weekend and would love to do another caravan break again. Is there anywhere that you would recommend taking the kids and dogs?

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Our weekend in the Scottish Borders on a Caravan Holiday

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