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Cotswolds Mini Break

We have been to the Cotswolds before, but this was before we had our boys. We had to go back again for a business trip back in 2013. Big K was 2 and a bit when we went. Our 3 night stay was based in Broadway.


Cotswolds Mini Break

Big K had only just been toilet trained for a few months, so the journey down from Scotland took a lot longer than normal. We stopped more often just so we could go to the toilet and would not have an accident.

This meant we arrived pretty late, so we put our bags into the room and headed straight out to find somewhere to eat. It took us a while to find somewhere as every where was busy (if staying in Broadway pre book a table somewhere!) Eventually we ended up at The Broadway Hotel. Service and food were great and would recommend trying it out!


Bed Time!

After dinner we walked back to the guest house for a “restful night”. Unfortunately, Nick was up all night being ill (too many krispy kreme donuts from the service station). Luckily Big K slept through the whole thing! Our room was pretty cool as Big K had a separate area for him which may be why he slept through it all. Breakfast was amazing and our hosts were spot on with their service.


Time for Work

The next morning  we headed off in the car to get the work done that we had travelled down for. We had 2 days of work planned however in the end we managed to get everything done in one day! This then meant we had a few day to do what we liked! Bonus! It was an extremely long day but we knew it would be worth it to have a free day. We had our dinner that evening in Stratford Upon Avon as it was such a long day. We went to the pub that we had visited on a previous trip.



Drayton Manor

This was our first time at Drayton Manor and Thomas Land. We didn’t really know if there would be enough things for Big K to do at such a young age. However, all our expectations were blown away. It is such a great place to spend the day. There was enough to keep Big K happy and then when he went for his afternoon nap, Nick could go off and go on some of the larger rides. Great day out for all ages!


Home Time

It’s never nice going home. The journey home is always the longest. Our drive home was no different, it took what seemed an age to get home.

Cotswolds area is so beautiful and so many places to visit in the area. We would definitely go back again and again. Maybe we will go as a family of 4 now that Little K is here.


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    1. I think your kids would love Drayton Manor, our 2 boys loved it on our last trip. The cotswolds is a beautiful area to visit. Love all the thatched roofs! xx

    1. If your eldest loves trains then he would LOVE Drayton Manor and the Thomas Land side of the park. Definitely worth the journey down if you go! 🙂 x

  1. Glad you enjoyed the Cotswolds and Drayton Manor. We went to Drayton Manor earlier this year and loved it, but haven’t stayed in the Cotswolds yet. It’s on the list for 2017!

    1. Drayton Manor is great isn’t it?! We went for Big K’s 5th birthday back in July. We had a blast. You will enjoy the Cotswolds. The scenery is amazing and I love the old thatched roofs on the houses!

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