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Birthday Fun at Drayton Manor & Thomas Land

Where to start!? We booked this surprise trip to Drayton Manor and Thomas Land for Big K’s 5th birthday. At the time I wasn’t too sure if it would be the right place to take him. He is really into his Lego just now, so I was a bit worried he would pull a strop when he found out where he was going.

Family in a car

Our Journey Began

Big K woke up on the Sunday morning, still not knowing he was even going away. Even with the suitcase out and clothes waiting to be packed he didn’t click. That’s when we told him, that he had to go get dressed as we were going away…but he wasn’t going to find out where. Off he ran excitedly into his room, got dressed and picked his Thomas baseball cap out of his drawer (just in case he was going somewhere with sun!)

We eventually left 40 minutes late, with the car packed and everyone set. The journey down wasn’t too bad, we managed it in 6 hours which from Edinburgh isn’t too bad I don’t think? A mixture of movies and stories kept them entertained, with Little K having nearly a 2 hour nap too.

Arriving at Drayton Manor

Excited Faces

As we got closer we started counting down to the arrival of his birthday surprise. We eventually got to the turning and asked Big K what he could see. His eyes lit up when he saw Thomas on the signs and both him and Little K started clapping and cheering.

Dinner at Drayton Manor

family room

Hotel Fun

We settled into our room (which wasn’t too bad I might add) and let the boys play with their toys which we had bought along for the journey. We never go anywhere without some toys (gives us a few minutes peace while they play). We headed out for dinner and then hit the kids entertainment afterwards for the boys to run off some energy.

Bedtime in a hotel room normally isn’t that fun. Sitting in the dark waiting for your kids to fall asleep is pretty rubbish to be honest. Sometimes we have even went to bed at the same time as them but that never works for me as then I’m wide awake from 2am! My husband on the other hand sleeps all night no matter what time he falls asleep! Ha! Typical!

Little K normally goes to sleep in his cot and then comes into our bed at some point during the night. No exceptions on holiday and he kicked his dad out of the bed which meant he had to sleep with Big K in the sofa bed

Thomas the Tank Engine
Catching Shark

Drayton Manor & Thomas Land

Morning arrived (eventually!) and we headed down to breakfast before our day of fun. The park gate opens at 9.30am but the rides don’t start until 10.30am. So we had a little walk about to see which rides were going to be possible with the heights our boys are. When it neared 10.30 we decided to get in the queue for plane ride in Thomas Land. When the ride starts and the boys faces lit up, we knew then that we had made the right decision!

We continued joining the queues in that area and going on the rides that we thought the boys would enjoy. I think we managed to go on all the rides in Thomas Land minus a couple. We then decided to go for a walk to see if Little K would take his morning nap (he was only 1.5hrs late) while he slept we headed to the Ben 10 roller coaster. I think Big K and his dad went on at least 10 times. He loved it so much. Mini thrill seeker in the making!

Thomasland rides

The Fat Controller

Meeting Fat Controller
Meeting the Fat Controller

Lunch Time

Little K was still sleeping at this point but we went to grab lunch anyway. We headed to the Burger Kitchen which we found was pretty decent and not too expensive. We managed to finish our lunch before he woke up and eat his.

Drayton Manor Zoo

Dino Trail at Drayton Manor

Dino Trail at Drayton Manor

The Zoo

So not only does Drayton Manor have Thomas Land but it also has a zoo as well. Okay it isn’t the biggest of zoos but our boys love animals and spotting the animals gave them something different to do for 40 minutes. As we headed round we came across the dinosaurs which Big K was very excited about. I don’t think he stopped talking the whole time. Asking what each of the signs said and asking what the dinosaur was called. I don’t think we managed to name any of the dinosaurs correctly. I had never even heard of most of them! In the zoo side of the park there is also the miniature train set which our boys were fascinated with. Big K chased the trains around trying to see where the train would appear next.

Driving around


Train Back To Thomas Land

After our trip round the zoo we joined the queue to join the train back to Thomas Land. We had just missed Thomas which meant it was Rosie who would be taking us back to the park. We did find the wait for the train to be excruciating long, perhaps providing some visual entertainment for the kids in the queue zone would help. Once onboard the boys both waved and danced along all excited about their little train journey.

On Rosie at Drayton Manor

On Rosie at Drayton Manor

Day Coming To An End

Once we got back to Thomas Land we went on a few more rides before starting to head back towards the hotel. Which meant we passed the Ben 10 roller coaster again. So Big K and his dad ran off to join the queue while I waited near the exit. Eventually we headed up to the exit and noticed that the drunken barrells ride had reopened. Put it this way I was glad when the ride had finished. Think I might stick to the tea cups next time and without the husband in the same cup!

Blackpool Tower

Overnight & Leaving

After heading back to the hotel we had our dinner and took the boys up to the room to give them a bath. We all went to bed and woke up exactly where we had went to bed! First time ever that Little K had stayed put all night. We wanted to steal the travel cot before we left…do you think they would have noticed?

We then set off back up to Scotland stopping half way at Blackpool for some lunch and to stretch our legs. We had so much fun and would love to go back again!

Have you ever been to Drayton Manor and Thomas Land? What did you think?

Our Birthday Fun At Drayton Manor and Thomas Land

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