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Family Holiday in France Week 2

Travelling with children in France doesn’t have to be hard. It is easily accessible from the UK so there is no excuse! – Be it from Dover to Calais or Hull to Zeebrugge. After spending our first week in the Ardeche we then hit the road again and headed to the Alps. Near Le Bourg-d’Oisans to be exact. We chose to stay in another Eurocamp park called Le Belledonne – you can read our review on the park and the caravan too. We decided on this park as my husband and father wanted to cycle up another famous Tour de France climb – Alpe d’Huez.

Our second week in France

The journey to the park was only about 4 hours which was an easy drive compared to the journey from Scotland to the Ardeche. After we arrived and unpacked we decided we would head up to the top of Alpe d’Huez for dinner and also to check out the climb for the next days cycle ride – I was suppose to drive up to meet them at the top but after finally getting to the top our eldest son was feeling ill and so was I, we decided I wouldn’t be driving up the next morning and the men would be on their own!


We had a look around and then had our dinner. We enjoyed our meal a lot…I think it was everyone’s favourite meal. We then headed back down so we could get the kids to bed and to relax for the rest of the evening.

Next morning while the men were out on their cycle ride, my mum and I took the kids out for a walk around the campsite and then did our washing. It was really nice just to relax and let the boys play with their toys while we waited for the men to come back from their ride.

That afternoon we headed out for a drive and went to see a waterfall which the Eurocamp rep said was a must see.

Waterfall in the Alps

As you can see from the picture above it was a lovely spot and we spent a good 30 minutes there looking about and throwing stones into the water. We had a drink and ice cream at a little gite that was nearby and then drove back to the camp site and we took the boys to the pool for a swim.

Now swimming for our eldest son is pretty much a no go. Ever since he was born he has hated water but we are trying our hardest to get him in the water. There are normally tears (a lot of them!) but hopefully if we keep going he will start to enjoy it. For dinner that evening we went to a restaurant in a nearby town. Again such a lovely meal. Everyone enjoyed it.

On our final full day in the Alps (which was our last at the campsite – we only stayed 3 nights in total) we visited Les Deux Alps. We knew we wouldn’t be able to go all the way to the top in the cable cars as we have a baby under 1 with us but we went up the first cable car (which I didn’t like one bit ha!) and spent some time walking about and exploring.


It was a lovely day (it was nice that it wasn’t 40 degrees!) and we all enjoyed our walk…although trying to find somewhere for lunch was incredibly hard. All we wanted was a snack but nowhere seemed to do snacks just meals. After about 40 mins of searching we managed to find somewhere and even though it wasn’t the snack we were looking for it was still a really good lunch.

After heading back down in the cable car we headed to Allemont to see the big lake there…however weather turned and we just went for a drive as it started raining. The rest of our afternoon I spent packing again so we could get the car packed for leaving. We wished we had decided to stay longer in this area rather than the Ardeche as we wanted to explore this area more…maybe another holiday in the future?

We left the caravan park the next morning, our hotel for the night was in Beaune (Novotel to be exact) which wasn’t a long drive from where we had been staying but we wanted to make sure we could spend the afternoon looking around Beaune.


It was lovely to explore Beaune but when we were planning our holiday before booking everything we had done an image search and we saw lovely old style buildings, when exploring we then found out you had to pay to see these buildings so we never got to see them. Which was such a shame. Nothing really exciting happened after that and we had dinner in the hotels restaurant and then went to bed!

Hotel in france

We were very impressed with the Novotel  in Beaune. A single sofa bed for our eldest and then a travel cot for the youngest, and a nice double bed for us, all for a decent price! Just what a family holidaying in France wants.

Our final travelling day in France was driving from Beaune to Zeebrugge. We left as early as we could (8am) to make the long drive as we knew it was going to be cutting it close to last check in for the ferry back to Hull. Fortunately we made it with about 30 minutes to spare. We checked in again to our 5 berth Club Cabin (definitely a must if travelling with children), although yet again our travel cot wasn’t in our room so we had to go and ask for it! Not impressed.

The drive back from Hull to Scotland was long and tedious (think it is always the same when you are travelling home, or is that just me?) Before we even got home we had decided on our next holiday, so our 2016 family holiday will be to a Eurocamp site in Holland (watch this space!)

If anyone else been to France with their children and you wish to share your holiday experiences just comment below as I’d love to read about your experiences!

Our second week in france this time in the Alps

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