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Family Adventure in France for Easter 2016

You may have read about our plans on a previous post about us planning our trip to France. We have just recently came back and are now in the process of writing up lots of posts to help our readers plan their trip to France (or maybe you are just looking for ideas etc), whatever the case may be hopefully some of our posts will help you out. We managed to do most of the things we wanted to do. We unfortunately never got to explore Soissons, however that may be a place we go back to visit in the future, as we loved the campsite and want to go back in the future.

Family Adventure in France for Easter 2016

La Croix du Vieux Pont, France

We had a few problems with Eurocamp while we were away and for now I’m not going to be writing too much about them as we are waiting for our complaint to be put through and dealt with. Hopefully they will deal with our compliant efficiently as we were not impressed with them at all while we were away.

Anyway our itinerary ended up as follows:

Club Cabin 5 Berth

Day 1

We packed up the car and drove from Edinburgh to Hull so we could catch our ferry to Zeebrugge. This for us is much easier than driving down to Dover. It was pretty choppy as we ended up going through the tale end of storm Katie.

Day 2

We set off from the ferry and made some good time up driving. Our sat nav however was driving us up the wall and ended up taking us off the A1 and taking us down the back roads to the campsite. Which meant no service stations on route for toilet breaks etc. Even though our sat nav was annoying us we still managed to arrive by lunch. This meant we had lunch at the bar/restaurant near the beach.  We were very impressed with the food even though it did seem quite expensive.

At 3pm we were allowed to check in and were shown to our caravan bike the courier on her bike. Unfortunately our caravan was far from impressive but for now that is at much as I will say. Read more about our campsite here

Chateau de Pierrefonds

Chateau de Pierrefonds

Day 3

After a very cold night in the caravan we decided to head out to see Chateau de Pierrefonds. Although the journey took forever as yet again our Sat Nav decided it liked us going down the back roads. We loved the castle, its so amazing seeing a building so old and so big and wonder in awe how they managed to build it.

After visiting the castle we walked down to the town and had lunch in a little cafe. Once our bellies were full we headed back to the caravan, while our youngest napped in the car our eldest had a go with his daddy trying to learn to ride his bike. What fun he had and he nearly got it as well.

Brothers in Compienge

Day 4

Weather wise this day was rubbish. It rained the whole day! We decided to try and find an indoor shopping centre which we didnt think would be that hard…oh how wrong we were! We ended up in Compiègne and as it was nearly lunch we decided to park up and have a look around. As we had no idea what was in Compiègne we were really struggling to find somewhere child friendly.

The cafe we picked for lunch had no highchairs as our youngest didn’t eat much, we eventually went for another walk and found a lovely big Palace but we decided not to go inside as the sign said we needed 2 hours to look around. We headed back to the campsite and did our washing. We also managed to fit in a game of bowling (the campsite has so many facilities its great!)

We had dinner at restaurant as we couldn’t be bothered cooking with the lack of cooking trays. After our lovely meal we got back to the caravan to find we had no electricity! This just added to our annoyance of Eurocamp as they just never seemed interested in helping and didn’t bother to update us with news of when it was going to come back on. It eventually came back on just after 10pm, so we spent our evening sitting in the pitch black.

Boy at Sacre Coeur

Toddler at the Lourve Museum

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Fast car in Paris

Day  5

We decided to delay this day until day 5 as the weather was looking promising. So an early start we drove to Compiègne  to catch the train to Paris. We managed to catch an earlier train than planned which meant by lunch time we had already walked to Sacre-Coeur and then down to Notre Dame. We did so much walking on this day that we did over 24000 steps! We have no idea how our eldest son managed to walk it all but he did. I will write up a separate post on our day trip to Paris as we managed to fit in so much!

Go Karts at La Croix du Vieux Pont, France

Day 6

After our busy day in Paris the day before we opted for a lazy day at campsite. We enjoyed our lazy day as back home we are always on the go and never get a change to sleep in etc. Even though it was a lazy day we still managed to fit quite a lot in. Our eldest son mastered riding his bike by lunch, so we then decided to treat him and give him a go on the pedalos and the go-karts.

He then decided he wanted to go on his bike again so we headed to reception to hire 2 bikes so we could keep up with him and not have to run after him all the time. He managed to keep cycling for the whole hour (he honestly amazes me sometimes, its unreal) We also had our dinner at the restaurant again (saves cooking!)

Fun at Parc Asterix

Day 7

We headed off to Parc Asterix for an action packed day. Ill do a separate post on this so keep your eyes pealed. We then had our dinner from the campsite take away.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

Day 8

Home time. We always feel sad when our holidays are over (is that just us?) We drove to Bruges on our way back to Zeebrugge to explore. We are already thinking of when we can go back as it was such a beautiful city that we want to go back and explore some more.  We then caught our ferry back to Hull and our day 9 was spent travelling back to Edinburgh and back to reality!

As you can tell we had an action packed week of family fun in France. We were very disappointment with Eurocamp and I don’t think we will be using Eurocamp in the future (we have a trip booked to Holland with them for Oct, however after that trip we will more than likely book elsewhere in the future ) So far they don’t seem very interested in our complaint.

Have you ever been on a Eurocamp Holiday?  Have you ever had a bad experience?

Video Highlights of France

Our easter trip to france with Eurocamp

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