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Our Family Holiday in Holland

Our Holland trip had been booked for over a year and we were all looking forward to exploring somewhere knew. I had managed to research a few places that we wanted to visit before we headed off. However we didn’t managed to get to all the places on our list. It just means we will have to go on another holiday to Holland!

Our Family Holiday in Holland

P&O Club 5 berth cabin

Day 1.

We left roughly an hour late at 1015am, due to last minute packing as Nick hadn’t given me any of his things for the suitcase (typical!) We headed down to Hull to take the ferry to Rotterdam. Our cabin was a 5 berth club cabin. This was slightly different from our 5 berth club cabin on the Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry. It consisted of  a double bed, with bunk over top, then a bunk bed on other side, bottom was also the sofa. We paid for our meals on board and headed to the buffet restaurant when it opened at 6pm.


Day 2.

The ferry arrived into Europoort at 8.30am and we were off by 9am. We had previously decided to spend some time in Schiedam before heading to the campsite. However, our sat nav took us the wrong way a few times. We eventually found parking where we had to pay for by card. Our car was in a street right near to the tallest windmill which also has a cafe. After taking several pictures we then walked around and then eventually came back to car where we had a drink in the windmill cafe. After our drinks were finished we then headed off to Duinrell. Again our sat nav got us lost  several times but we just followed road signs and eventually got there for 1pm. There were signage from The Hauge for Duinrell. The rest of the day we spent exploring the campsite.

Duinrell Theme Park

Duinrell Rental Bikes

Day 3

Once the bike rental had opened we rented bikes for the week. We then headed straight for the theme park. After going on several rides it was time for lunch, we ate at the La Place restaurant in the park. However, our time was short lived as the heavens opened and the rain began so we headed back to caravan. By about 4pm the rain had slowed down so we decided to jump on the bikes and cycle to the beach. I wouldn’t say the route is completely flat but it is a nice cycle ride down to the beach.

Rotterdam Zoo

Day 4

We checked the weather and knew today would be rubbish weather, so we headed to Rotterdam Zoo in hope there would be places to hide indoors if the rain got too heavy. The zoo was amazing and one of the best zoos we have ever been too. It is also a great place if it is a rainy day as so many places are indoors. You could easily spend all day there as there is so much to see. Once we got back to the caravan we let the kids play for a bit before heading to dinner and then a little walk (in the dark!) before putting boys to bed.

Madurodam Miniature Village

Day 5

Our first major cycle ride (okay that might be an exaggeration but for Big K it was a long way) We left the campsite at 10.30 to cycle to Madurodam – the miniature village. The route we took was pretty much all cycle way and great for the kids to cycle. Unfortunately it did rain while we were there but still really enjoyed it. On the way back we cycled a different way, which we enjoyed better as it was more scenic than the other route.

LeidenDay 6

Our second day of cycling and we left the campsite and headed towards Leiden. It was really lovely scenery along the way. We locked our bikes up and explored Leiden on foot and then headed to a park to sit and eat our picnic. We then cycled a different route back. This was my favourite cycling route and it was very beautiful and scenic.

Our last cycle ride of the holiday. From the campsite down to Den Haag #holland #familyholiday #cycling

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Day 7

Third day out cycling was to Den Haag and Schveningen. Again this was a lovely cycle route with nice scenery. Once we got back to the campsite we then hit the theme parks water park. It was a pretty full on day but we all really enjoyed it.

Kinderdijk Windmills
Kinderdijk Windmills

Day 8

In the morning, we took our rental bikes back and then checked out. We headed to the theme park for a few hours before heading off to go see the Kinderdijk Windmills near Rotterdam. This was one of the places I had to see as it looked a beautiful place. It was then time to head back to the ferry for our dinner and our overnight bed for the night back to Hull.

Day 9

Driving home always seems to be the longest journey. Especially since we got caught up in the travel chaos that happened on the A66 near Center Parcs (Whinfell Forest) We eventually made it home for dinner!

Holland with Kids?

Yes! We had a great holiday, the kids had lots of fun. Though that’s not to say everything was plain sailing and the kids behaved all the time. They were grumpy, tired and some times a pain in the rear but we still enjoy taking the boys away with us. Just how family holidays should be.

Have you been to Holland before?

Our Holiday Highlights

Our family holiday to Holland. Great for kids and so many things to do

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  1. I am Dutch and its fun to read about people spending holiday in the NLs! It is great you stayed in the Hague. Most people do Amsterdam and that’s it. I’m born and raised in a town near Kinderdijk, its beautiful there isn’t it 🙂 And the Rotterdam zoo Blijdorp is amazing! OK, the rain is a pain, but that’s the same in the UK 😉

    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 Kinderdijk is stunning! Wish we could have stayed there a bit longer. Rotterdam Zoo has been one of the best zoos we have ever visited. It is well thought out. The rain doesn’t bother us too much, we are use to it in Scotland. haha!

  2. Such a fab post, there is so much to do and the Zoo looks so fab that building wow. WE went to Amsterdam for our Honeymoon but haven’t been back since. I think we need to go back and take the boys x

    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂 The zoo was amazing. We didn’t get to see all of it either. We thought Holland was great, definitely be going back again to explore more. x

  3. I’ve just got back from a week at Duinrell, and we also travelled from Hull to Rotterdam!! I love the place! We didn’t do as much cycling as you, but we have said we are going to go back next year so we can do more then. My friend said that Rotterdam Zoo was the best zoo she has been to so I think we need to go there too. #mondayescapes

    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂 We met a family who was on their 5th visit, so it definitely is a great family destination with so much to do 🙂 Rotterdam is a must if you go back again

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