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Mini Adventure on the Isle of Arran

The Isle of Arran is an island off the West coast of Scotland. You get there by taking the ferry from Ardrossan which is about 1 hour from Glasgow Airport. Our trip was for work purposes but I took our two boys, my mum and my husband’s mum along with me. Ardrossan is just over an hours drive away from our home so we were on the ferry for lunch. My husbands mum ended up stuck in traffic after a car accident which meant she got delayed and missed the ferry, she eventually arrived in Arran about 6.30pm. Think she was glad once she had arrived as she had a long journey involving 2 trains and then the ferry!

Mini Adventure on the Isle of Arran

Deer on Arran

This week away involved for me walking parts of the Arran Coastal Way which is a 65 mile walking route which goes around the whole island. While I spent my days walking anything from 10-18miles each day both mums watched the boys and took them to places on the island. My eldest son especially loved Brodick Castle and the soft play at the Auchrannie Resort. I highly recommend the Arran Coastal Way, it can be challenging in parts but you get to see such natural beauty and wildlife that it is well worth the sore feet!

There isn’t much more for me to write up about this break away as I hardly got time to spend time with the boys and both mums as I was out from 9 until 4 each day walking…I felt the pain each day though!

View of Holy Island

If you haven’t been to the Isle of Arran it is definitely one to consider if you have kids that are into activities as there are loads of places to go walking, cycling and watersports etc. The whiskey is meant to be good as well (I don’t drink so I couldn’t tell you!)

This is one beautiful island so please put it on your bucket list. Who has been or thinking of going?

Our Arran adventure in Scotland

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