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Multi-generational Family Holiday in Portugal

Back in 2013 we decided we would visit a country we had not yet visited before. We have so many countries that we want to visit but we decided we would go to the Algarve in Portugal. This holiday was slightly different to our usual multi generational holiday as my husbands parents came along for the ride too! In total there were 7 adults and 1 child.

Beach in Albufiera

Boy at table

Our Multi Generational Portuguese Holiday

We took a while to pick our Villa, we finally booked via James Villas which we have used several times in the past. We managed to find the perfect villa, it had 2 bedrooms downstairs for myself, my husband and our eldest son, and 3 bedrooms up the stairs which were of course for the 2 sets of grandparents and my younger brother. The villa was in a great location, as it was near to the beach in the town of Gale. We also booked our car rental and flights through James Villas too.

Kitchen in Villa



When the day arrived for us to get on our flight to Portugal we were all very excited. We were flying from Edinburgh and we had hired a mini bus to take us all to the airport. It was a very early morning, something that we had disliked straight away but unfortunately they were the only flights we could get! The flight went smoothly and our son caused no dramas on the flight (that is always a plus I think!)

Dining Room

Pool at a Villa in Portugal

Arriving at the Villa

We managed to find the villa quite easily, however we arrived to find the cleaners were still there cleaning. They told us they would be another hour or so, which we weren’t best pleased about especially when the paper work says we are allowed to check in upon arrival. Eventually we managed to get inside and unpack. The villa was stunning and very private. It had an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a gym! We love villa holidays as you can just relax and you feel more at home.

Learning to swim on a villa holiday with kids

What We Got Up Too

During our week in the Algarve, we visited several places. This included a water park near to our villa, which we had great fun at. We also took a trip to Lagos Zoo which again we really enjoyed, its a great day trip if you are in the area. On the way back to the villa we then stopped by the gorgeous Ponta da Piedade. There are a lot of steps down to the bottom so my husbands family stayed by the car with our son. The rest of us headed down all the stairs, counting as we went to see who got the right amount of steps. If you love nature then this would be a highlight for you.

One morning while the boys went out on a jeep safari, myself, my mum and my husband’s mum took our son to the beach. It was only a 5 minute walk from the villa which meant we could take our time and enjoy some castle making and then head back to the villa for some lunch.

Beach in Albufiera

ponte de piedade

We also explored Albufeira on several occasions as this is where we went for our evening meals. Albufeira is a lovely town and the old town is very pretty. It can be pretty busy with tourists but we still enjoyed looking about and having our meals in several restaurants.

Toilet Training

Our son was about 2 yrs 3 months old when we went on this holiday and we had decided before we left that we would take the week toilet train him. We had great success and he came back from holiday fully dry. It was great, and stress free experience which was great for all of us.

boy posing

Boy in tractor


We had a brilliant time, we definitely want to head back to Portugal again.  We would love to explore other areas as it was a lovely country. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we all survived without anyone falling out and wanting to kill someone!

Have you ever been to Portugal? If so where did you go?

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Our family holiday to Portugal

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