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Weekend Break To Italy For The Nove Colli

Our long weekend away for the Nove Colli bike event started with a 3.30am wake up call. Big K had chicken pox over a week and a half before our trip, so we didn’t think we would be actually going. However, our doctor confirmed he was fit to fly and provided us with a letter in case the airline asked for one. After our last minute packing we thought the boys would be grumpy with such an early start. We were pleasantly surprised that the boys were great. They got ready while I packed up the final items away. We left the house at 4.15am and headed off towards Edinburgh Airport.

Nove Colli Weekend

entertaining kids on a plane journey
Entertaining the boys on the plane – Big K is with my parents opposite

Friday – Flying To Italy for the Nove Colli

At the airport we met up with my parents and headed to bag drop area. It was chaos as there was a problem with the luggage belts. Once we finally got our bags dropped off we headed straight for security.  Which for 5am in the morning was jam packed!

Security Queues

Was us great for families is there is a family lane which means you can skip the bulk of the queue. Which for any parent is perfect as a grumpy child is no fun in a long queue! It took us roughly 15-20 mins to get through and of course, they needed to check our electronics (the joys of working and blogging!).

We managed to fit in breakfast before heading to the departure gate. Again skipping the big queue as we had paid for priority boarding.

Watching out the plane window
Watching out the plane window

The Flight

The boys were great on the flight apart from landing which had myself and the boys in agony due to sore ears. Just one of the reasons i hate flying (we much prefer to drive than fly!). The boys played with their tablets during the flight and also watched some cartoons on them. Yes, it is the cheats way but I’m not a morning person. Ha!

The Hotel and Beach Fun

At the hotel we had a look around our 2 bedroom suite, grabbed some lunch from the buffet lunch and then headed out to the beach for a walk. The boys managed to get covered in sand (Big K was worse after diving face first into the sand). The meant we had to go back to our room (up the fire escape so we didn’t get the hotel dirty) to get them both showered and changed.

playing peek a boo
Little K playing peek a boo

Afternoon Walk

After showering the boys we met up with my dad and Nick and set off walking to where the Nove Colli bike event was going to be finishing on the Sunday. This was so on the Sunday we knew where we would need to go and wait for them finishing their 200km bike ride.

On the way back Little K took a danger nap (must have been the early morning that caused it) and headed back to the hotel for a drink and to relax. He didn’t wake up until 7pm (told you it was a danger nap!) and dinner was at 7.30pm.

Relaxing at the hotel
My mum!

Dinner Time

Dinner was lovely, if not a bit chaotic; this was due to reception not informing the catering team of Little K’s dietary requirements which meant an epic meltdown while they quickly tried to sort something out for him. After we finished our meal we sorted out breakfast and the next days dinner out with the staff which was really helpful. The staff were great and they bought food out for us to check ingredients to make sure when they weren’t sure of something. It was a huge relief knowing we didn’t have to worry about Little K becoming ill.

Bed Time

After such a long day it was time for bed!

The boys outside the hotel
The boys outside the hotel


Saturday morning was meant to be a lovely walk exploring and doing some filming work. However, it looked like we bought the Scottish weather with us as it was raining. We decided to go for a walk anyway but within 30 minutes it was a downpour. Which meant we had to run back to the hotel as fast as we could. I expect we were some sight running back!

Catching up on emails

Once we reached the hotel I took some towels from our room to dry off everyone. While the boys watched some Paw Patrol on their tablets, I did some emails and had a cup of tea with my mum. Stupidly we decided as it had dried up to head back out again.

Can you guess what happened? Yep, we got about 20 minutes into our walk and it rained again. We admitted defeat and walked back to the hotel for some lunch. Nick and my dad came back from a bike ride and joined us for some lunch.

Race bike at the hotel
Race bike at the hotel

Kids Mini Granfondo

After lunch myself and my mum were suppose to have some kid free time. We headed out for a walk (it was now sunny!) but unfortunately Nick has taken my sun hat and sunglasses with him. We decided to try catch them up as in the sun my eyes hurt.

Eventually we caught them up and we noticed there was some event taking place. This is when we realised there was a kids race going on. I quickly googled to see what was happening and found it was the Kids Mini Granfondo. We stayed to watch the event which was really good fun.

Big K was upset as he wanted to take part (guess where we are heading next year!). Watching all the kids getting involved was very inspirational and the kids were having so much fun. The atmosphere was intense which set the mood for the big event the next day.

Toddler in pram
Little K posing

Dinner & Bed

By the time we got back to the hotel it was nearly dinner time so we quickly got showered and dressed before heading down. The food again was lovely and the boys enjoyed their special meals which we cooked just for them. They also got special cakes made for them which they loved! Although I think they enjoyed them a bit too much!

After dinner, Big K went to play for a bit with the trained child care staff. Little K joined me and my parents for a cup of tea before we headed up to bed. It was the big event in the morning!

Brothers on the way to the Nove Colli
Brothers on the way to the Nove Colli

Sunday – Nove Colli Bike Event

Nick and my dad had an early start, and left the hotel about 4.45am to cycle towards the start line. The boys and myself had a bit of a lazy morning. We met up with my mum at breakfast at 8am. The hotel provided the boys with a packed lunch, which meant we didn’t have to worry about translating to find them the correct food.

Boy at the Nove Colli
Big K at the Nove Colli
Toddler at the Nove Colli
Little K at the Nove Colli

Walking to the event

Upon leaving the hotel at about 10am we started our walk towards the finish line. Some of the riders who were taking part in the shorter ride were coming into the finish already, which was great to see. We found a place to stand near to the finish to cheer on the riders finishing their Nove Colli event for about 30 mins.  Moving on again we headed off to see one of our friends who had a stall for her hotel and her riders.

The boys then started getting fidgety so we set off again to a nearby park to let the boys run around for a bit. While we were there we could here the helicopters flying overhead which meant the lead riders on the long ride were coming into the finish!

Cyclists at the Nove Colli
Cyclists at the Nove Colli

Lunch Time

Setting off towards the beach we then found somewhere to have our lunch. I ordered the first thing I could see and translate using Google Translate. Oh what you can do with Google Translate, technology is great! We ate it up while the boys enjoyed their packed lunch. My dad had said he was aiming for just under 8 hours ride time, so we then set off again and made our way back towards the finish line.

Cyclists at the Nove Colli
Cyclists at the Nove Colli
Little K with daddys medal
Little K with daddys medal
Big K with Grandads medal
Big K with Grandads medal

Cheering On The Riders

The finish line was far too noisy for the boys and myself, so we walked to where we had stood in the morning. This was a lot quieter and we could see the sprint finishes too. The boys were having so much fun cheering on the riders. My dad was the first to come in, just before 2pm, who was then followed by Nick 25 mins later with his friend John.

We stayed put until they came to get us. Before walking back towards the hotel as it was getting pretty hot and the boys were starting to get tired. Next time, I think we should take an E-Bike as walking was very tiring in the heat.

Learning to swim with swimfin
Big K in the pool
Learning to swim with swimfin
Little K with his swimfin on!

Afternoon Fun

The rest of the afternoon we spent at the hotel pool, testing out the boys SwimFin’s. If you want to read about the boys fun in the pool then check out our blog post on the SwimFin. I then did some packing and filming for work before heading off to dinner.

looking at the airline magazine
Little K looking at the airline magazine
Forth Bridges from the sky
Forth Bridges from the sky
Landing back in Edinburgh
Landing back in Edinburgh – yes it had been raining

What A Busy Weekend!

It was such a jam packed weekend at the hotel. However, everyone had fun and enjoyed the Nove Colli bike event which is what we wanted. It was such a great experience for us and the riders, and what a great achievement cycling 200km!

Have you ever heard of the Nove Colli before? Do you think we would ever take part or watch a bike event like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Video Of Our Time In Italy

Family weekend away to watch the Nove Colli bike event in Italy

Joining up with #FearlessFamTrav Linky

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  1. I’d never heard of the Nove Colli, but it sounds like an inspiring event for youngsters (and adults!) #FearlessFamTrav

  2. I hadn’t heard of Nove Colli but it looks like it was worth the trip! Your little ones were having loads of fun in the pool! #fearlessfamtravel

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