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Planning Our Trip to Holland

We are heading to Holland in the middle of Oct (during the Scottish Oct Holidays) for just over a week; 8 nights to be precise. We booked our holiday with Eurocamp; my dad phoned them to book.  For £870 we have managed to snap up our ferry travel (return trip Hull to Rotterdam) in Club 5 berth cabin, then 6 nights at the Duinrell campsite. We will be staying in their Avant Caravan which looks really nice and comfortable.

Our planning hasn’t gotten too far to be honest. We have had a very busy holiday season with work (which is a good thing I suppose) but this has meant I havent had much change to research our trip. I have been reading the odd blog as Duinrell looks popular with a lot of bloggers. So I have a list of places that would be great to visit.

Planning Places To Visit

We have several places we want to visit/do while we are away which include:

BIke Ride at Cramond

Bike Ride

You can’t go to Holland and not go for a bike ride. We will more than likely be taking Big K’s bike with us and then hopefully we can then hire bikes for the rest of us. I have read that it is cycle ways all the way to the beach which is ideal with the kids.

Amsterdam and/or Rotterdam

Both of these cities look a great place to explore. Obviously Amsterdam is more well known (well to me anyway) but with hopefully a little more research I can plan how to get there and hopefully if we have time we can visit both cities.

Duinrell Theme Park

Duinrell Itself

So the campsite is based at a theme park. Which I have read we have free access too. Our boys love rides so I’m sure we will spend at least one day exploring the park or at least part of the day. There is also a water park which looks really good fun. However, this isnt free but residents get a discounted rate to get in for a few hours.

Kinderdijk Windmills

Kinderdijk windmills

Holland is pretty famous for its windmills and the ones at Kinderdijk are I think the most well known. So we will make sure we get to see these on a day out. There are not too far from Rotterdam which means we should be able to get there from the campsite within 1.5hours or less.

Has anyone been to any of the places I have mentioned? What did you think of them?

Planning Our Holiday To Holland

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