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The Beautiful Bracklinn Falls in Callander

Bracklinn Falls wasn’t on our radar for a Sunday day out, but when our boys swimming lessons were off we decided to head to Callander for a walk. Our eldest son went to his best friends party. Which meant it was just myself and my parents and our youngest son. We had a spot of lunch and then headed out for our walk.

Bracklinn Falls
At the top of Bracklinn Falls

Bracklinn Falls Walk

From the town centre you walk back out of town towards Stirling, there is a big brown sign which is sign posted for Bracklinn Falls and The Crags. This is when the climbing begins. We have done a lot of walking/hiking before but for some reason this walk took it out of us! You climb all the way up to the Bracklinn Falls car park where you then turn right and follow the path towards the falls.

Hiking with toddler
Little K in his carrier
Child having fun
Think he is enjoying the walk more now!

The path from turning right and up to the falls is great for an all terrain pram. So if you wanted to miss out the walk up, then drive and park in the car park. The views are great and would be even better on a nice, clear day. Once you are at the falls you can see wonderful looking bridge over the falls. The original cast-iron bridge which was built for a visit from Queen Victoria in the 1870s, was destroyed by flooding in 2004. The current bridge was built in 2010.

I expect most people then turn around and go back towards the car park, however we crossed the bridge and continued on the path. This lead through the forest and then opened up to open countryside. The walk from the bridge was steep in places and was up hill all the way. However you are again met by lovely views.

River, Callander
The Views

We then headed down hill and crossed another bridge over Keltie water. We then joined the minor road and walked all the way back to Callander passing the Bracklinn Falls Car Park as we went.

The Wishing Well, Callander
The Wishing Well

We had such a great day, even if it did rain for the first half of the walk. I cant believe we have lived in Scotland for so long and no done this walk!

What Walk Is Next?

Next time we are going to do the Callander Crags which we may have both boys with us. Have you ever been to Callander?

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Views over Callander
Views over Callander

Great Walk With Kids At Bracklinn Falls Scotland

Monkey and Mouse

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  1. You’re little boy looks so happy in his pack! Isn’t it funny how some walks just take it out of you completely even though they don’t look that challenging? We’ve set a goal to go on a hike every weekend this summer. We’ll see if we can keep the pace up. Callaender looks like a wonderful place to go. #whatevertheweeather

    1. Yes I know. It took us by surprise. I was aching for about 4 days afterwards! It was well worth it. That sounds like a great challenge to set yourselves, good luck. Callander is a lovely place, it’s been one of our fave places to visit since moving here. x

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