Items We Take When We Go Out Hiking

We always try to be prepared when we go out family hiking. I suppose you have to be when young children are involved. I’m sure there may be a few items that we take with us that you may not and vice versa. We like to go prepared and normally carry a bit too much. However, for us we feel better for doing this.

What We Take When We Go Out Hiking

Lunch stop while out hiking with kids
Lots of food for energy

Food & Water

We always make sure we take enough food, snacks and water/juice for everyone who is going on the hike. Nothing is worse than a hungry child.

Walking gear for Islay
Outdoor kit

Spare Clothes

Depending what the weather is like when we set off will depend on how much we take with us. Layers always work best when outdoors. Base layer, mid layer and then a jacket. Little K normally gets an extra layer as he isn’t usually walking so we like to make sure he isn’t going to get cold. We also make sure we take out waterproofs so everyone is dry if the rain does come!

First Aid kit for hiking
First Aid kit for hiking

First Aid Kit

The just in case. We haven’t had to use it so far but it is always best to go prepared. Anyone can have a fall and hurt themselves. Even more so little ones as they never seem to walk they always run! Big K is known to fall over and if he does it is usually the end of the world. We haven’t done many long hikes or mountains yet but if we did we would also add in a bothy (emergency shelter) and a whistle.

Garmin for hiking
Garmin for hiking


Before we had the boys we didn’t tend to use GPS devices. However now we always have a GPS device with the route on it and also a map. My dad is pretty old school and uses the map while I use the GPS. I am still trying to learn how to use a compass and map to get about but I always forget what I have learnt.

Sun care for skin
Sun protection

Sun Protection

The amount of times we have been out hiking and have been burnt even though there hasn’t been any sun. We have now learnt our lesson and always take sun protection with us in the form of creams and sun hats. Go prepared.

Osprey Hiking Bag
Hiking bag


Kind of obvious but we need somewhere to put all the above items. Depending how many of us our out I have a 20 litre backpack, my mum has a 25 or 30 litre backpack and then we have Little K’s backpack that has storage in it as well. Big K is also getting his first backpack for Christmas which I’m sure he will love as on our last hike he wanted one so badly!

Is there anything that you take out hiking that we haven’t mentioned?

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What we take on a family hike

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