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Product Review – Boba 4G Updated

We have now been using our Boba 4G baby carrier since Little K was 4 months old. When Big K was a baby we hardly ever used a carrier as it was uncomfortable and hurt my back. However the Boba 4G has changed my view of baby carriers and I now use it as much as we can. When I first bought the Boba 4g I wrote a quick review which you can read here. Now that I’ve had over 6 months to review I thought id do a new updated post.

Boba 4G Review

So from opening the box there were detailed instructions on how to use the carrier. This comes in handy as there are many features including the baby insert which means you can use it from 7lbs. After your baby reaches 15lbs you can then take this handy insert out and your baby can go without it.

Baby in a Boba 4G Carrier

I have now used this with my youngest son on my front and back, I can safely say this carrier is comfy to wear and easy to use (although I still cant put my son on my back by myself!)

Baby seems to be comfy while in the carrier as he always falls asleep.

We have also used this at home (walking out dogs) and abroad and found it does come in handy, especially abroad when travelling and visiting the places which don’t allow prams.

Baby in a Boba 4G Carrier

I would definitely say this is a must for all new parents or parents who have babies but don’t know if they should take the plunge and get one.

Boba also do different carriers and they all come in lovely designs. I bought my carrier from Slumber Roo

Disclaimer: This review is my own opinion and I bought this product online. 

Boba 4g Review

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