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Travel Snap Game Review

Keeping your children entertained on holiday can be daunting especially if your kids are like ours and never sit still. You can check out our post on 10 ways of keeping kids entertained while travelling which gives you various ideas. However one travel game that our boys love playing is Travel Snap.

Travel Snap Game

Travel Snap Game Review

This game is like a deck of cards, and there are 13 matching sets of 4 each having a famous landmark on them. On the reverse side there is a picture of the world map. Snap is an enjoyable game for any child but having the pictures of famous landmarks means they are learning about the world at the same time.

What we like:

  • Colourful and vibrant colours
  • Large to hold which means easier for younger children to play with
  • Not too large to pack in a hand luggage bag or to keep in the car
  • They don’t cost too much, always a bonus in our eyes!
  • Fun for all age levels
  • Learning about places around the world

Travel Snap Game


We really like the Travel Snap Game. Its simple and easy game to play and everyone seems to enjoy playing it. Big K and his daddy enjoy getting competitive to see who can shout snap first. I’m sure they have both tried cheating at some point so they could win the game!

We bought our  game Travel Snap Game (Check for most recent prices here) from Amazon.

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