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Restuarant Review – Croftmalloch Inn

We have been to the Croftmalloch Inn countless times now, its pretty much our local restaurant. We call it the Crofty and its known as this to the locals. We would say its family friendly but there are a few things that could be improved on to make it even better.

When you arrive you always feel welcomed by the staff, you normally don’t get shown to a table as they just tell you to sit wherever you want. Once seated they will hand out the menus and take a drinks order from you.

Having a meal at the Crofty

Croftmalloch Inn Menus

Children’s menu is a great deal. They can have either 2 or 3 courses which for us is normally garlic bread for starters and either the chicken nuggets or sausages for mains. We never have dessert! Other main courses include macaroni and cheese, beef burger and fish fingers. The boys always eat it all up so I can only assume it tastes good!

The main menu has a variety of dishes – vegetarian etc. We normally choose between 3 and 4 choices and the food is always good. Only dish I haven’t liked was the spaghetti carbonara as it had no taste. (Edit: We have since been again and I tried this again and it was much better!)

They also have a lunch menu available, which I have tasted some of the items from that too and they are just as good. They normally have specials too.

Spaghetti Carbonara

The Food

Waiting for food can sometimes be sporadic, we think it all depends on how busy the bar area is. However, we like the food so we don’t mind waiting and try our best to keep the boys happy while they wait.

I mentioned at the start that there could be a few things to make it more family friendly. I think the main one would be to provide baby changing facilities. It does say families welcome so you would expect this to be available. Our youngest is 16 months old and there were no baby changing facilities even when he was a baby. We were told then that they were looking into it, and they would get something sorted soon. It would also be great if the kids were given a children’s pack…even if it is just a colouring sheet of paper and some crayons.

Steak Pie

Chicken Nuggets


We love the Croftmalloch Inn. The food is good and at a good price. Unfortunately there is no play area for children. They do have a supply of highchairs available. It is hardly ever full so you can get peace and quiet to eat your dinner…okay maybe not peace and quiet when you go with your kids (unless that is just our two boys!)

Croftmalloch Inn Whitburn
2 Longridge Road
Tel: 01501 744 515

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Croftmalloch Inn in Whitburn, West Lothian Review

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