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Having A Ball At Hollywood Bowl, Coatbridge

This isn’t one of our normal attraction ideas that we post about but if its a rainy day or just looking for something slightly different then a game or two of bowling could be what you are looking for! So off we headed to Hollywood Bowl roughly 30 minutes from our house.

Hollywood Bowl, Coatbridge

Reception at Hollywood Bowl

Ticket Prices

Booking online means you get a better deal and prices do change if you don’t book online. It would be best to phone ahead or book online to see what deals you can get. We normally get two games, and on our last visit we didn’t have to change our shoes which was different from previous visits.

Score board at Bowling


There are literately hundreds of car park spaces available and you don’t have to pay which is great.

Hitting pins down

Food & Drinks

Onsite there is a cafe, however after our last visit we definitely won’t be eating there again. Next time we will find somewhere else. We waited over an hour for our food and that was after waiting 10 minutes for someone to even acknowledge we were even there. No one apologized for our wait and we wouldn’t say the food was great either. The food was pretty cheap but now we know why and next time we will know from our experience.

Cafe at Hollywood Bowl


We normally go for a game of bowling on Christmas Eve or around New Year but if you are stuck for ideas and want to get your kids out of the house then it is definitely a great way to have some fun. Our eldest loves bowling (our youngest is still a bit young to play) so we will definitely will go back, we just wont use the cafe next time for food.

Too young to play

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Hollywood Bowl

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