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Self Catering Holiday With Kids Tips

If you are in your planning stages of booking your holiday, then one of the many decisions to make it what type of accommodation to book, also which meals will be included. Depending where you are going there are B&Bs, guest houses, hotels, and self catering accommodations.

Most types of accommodation will have breakfast included, some do half board, others all inclusive. Whereas with most villas, apartments and house rentals you will have no meals included and be self catering.

We have stayed in pretty much all types of accommodation including all inclusive hotels. One type of accommodation we really enjoy is self catering, whether it be in a villa abroad or a house rental in the UK.

Find below our tips for self catering with kids below.

Kitchen in Villa

Our Tips For A Self Catering Holiday With Kids

Meal Plan

If you are going to be cooking every night then meal planning will help. Depending on when you buy your food (before you go or once you get to your destination) then having a rough idea of what you want to eat means you won’t over spend.

Have A Daily Budget

Before you go away make sure you get yourself a daily budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That way if you have money left over from one day you can use it another day and get some treats.

Special Dietary Requirements

If you are heading abroad and a member of the family has a special dietary requirement, then our top tip would be to take some of their favourite foods with you. It can sometimes be hard to find food when abroad. Another great tip if before you go away write down their requirements in the local language. That way you can show the locals and they should hopefully understand what you mean. We always take a large supply of snacks with us for Little K especially if we are driving. Saves us stressing once we get to our destination.

Kitchen Area

I think going self catering makes it slightly less stressful (for us anyway) as when kids get tired it means we can keep the chaos to ourselves. Restaurant meltdowns are not fun at all. It also means we can eat when we like especially as restaurants abroad always seem to have a later opening time.

Do you like a self catering holiday with kids? Or would you rather have your meals cooked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Self Catering Holiday With Kids TIps

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