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All Inclusive With Children, Is It Worth It?

We have been on two all inclusive holidays with our children. Our first was our familymoon (honeymoon with kids) with our eldest son back in 2012 and then again in Majorca in 2015. Read below for our  pros and cons for all inclusive with children.

Food near Chateau de Pierrefonds

Should You Go All Inclusive With Children?


  • There is not much difference in price compared to Half Board. (this is from the holidays we have been on – it may not be the same for all package deals)
  • You can give the kids snacks/food throughout the day if needed at no extra cost. (Obviously each all inclusive deal will have terms and conditions on what drinks will be included)
  • If you are staying around the hotel during the day then you don’t necessary need a lot of spending money.
  • You will have already paid for a big chunk of your holiday before even going away on holiday. This means you can then work out a budget for your spending money
  • You have the option to still go and explore the area and then get back for an afternoon snack. (thats good in my books)
  • Decent food; even for fussy eaters (although I suppose this depends on what the hotels offer)
  • Normally they have buffet style restaurants which means you can get your food quickly without waiting for service (great for hungry kids!)

All Inclusive With Children


  • If you plan on going out every day, all day then it may not be worth the money. Self catering or half board may be a better option.
  • Food can get a bit samey. As sometimes the same food could be getting served every day or every second day.
  • Some children may not like buffet style/all inclusive

Our verdict:

We would definitely go all inclusive again even though we go out most days while on holiday with our children we still like the idea of knowing we have paid for the bulk of the holiday before we go and don’t really need much spending money (We only spent roughly 300 euros on our weeks holiday in Majorca, which we think is great)

So that’s are low down for all inclusive with kids. Does anyone else have any pros and cons for going all inclusive with children?

All Inclusive With Kids Is it Worth It

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