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When Is Best To Book Your Family Holiday?

If you have children then going on a family holiday can cost an arm and a leg most of the time. Although I think most of the time this is just pot luck on when you book and what availability is left. Personally we normally book as early as possible as we only have a certain time in the year that we can go away on holiday. If we go away without my parents then we have waited until last minute or took up a special offer that has been on.

Father and son in Majorca
In Majorca…so many lovely boats!

When is the best to book your family holiday?

Book early

Most flights go on sale 9-12 months before. So if you book during this time you can normally get an early bird discount. You will also have more chance of getting the accommodation you are after.

Book last minute

As tour companies book out rooms in advance (and seats on planes) then if they still have places available they will cut their prices in the hope people will book and fill up their spaces. More spaces they have left the more they loose out.

Young boy on Mont Ventoux
Mummy has the same picture of her as a child in the same spot!

Book off season

This one is difficult especially if you have school age children. However I’m not sure if it is just England that charges parents for taking children out of school as we have taken our eldest out a few times and never been charged. Booking off season means you will get more chance of getting a great deal.

Wait for a deal

We booked our Easter holiday for 2016 through Eurocamp during their Black Friday weekend deal. It’s the first time we have done something like that and it worked out as a great deal. 50% off on the camp site price. So if you wait for a special deal like Black Friday you may just grab yourself a great bargain.

When do you book your family holidays? Are you an early bird or a last minute booker?

When is best to book your family holiday

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    1. Yes we always book as soon as we can. I’ve done one black Friday deal and one holiday last minute. All the rest we have done nearly a year in advance!

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