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Travelling From Hull to Zeebrugge by Ferry

The Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing which is ran by P&O ferries is a great choice for people who are travelling from the UK and don’t necessarily want to go from Dover to Calais.  As we are from Scotland this is the perfect crossing for us when we are travelling to France.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

Hull to Zeebrugge – Our Insider Knowledge

We have booked all our ferry trips via Eurocamp but you can book direct via the P&O Ferries website.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

For this ferry, check in closes as 5.30pm (same on the way back) Loading of the cars is pretty painless and for us is much easier than check in at an airport. Once parked up make sure your handbrake is on and any internal movement (motion) sensors are switched off so that your car alarm doesn’t go off while on board.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

Grab your overnight bag(s) and your kids and head up to your accommodation deck (check your boarding card for the correct colour – blue, green or red) Once you collect your key, you can then go to your cabin and settle in. We normally book the 5 berth club cabin, which for us is spacious enough for one night. We normally send one of us off to purchase our meal vouchers which you can purchase on board on the red deck at the information desk for your dinner and breakfast.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

Restaurants open at 6pm and we normally get there for opening time as then it means we have eaten before the ferry hits the sea and starts to get rocky. Food at the buffet restaurant is decent and there is a wide range of food available.

On board there are the following facilities that are also available

  • soft play for under 7s
  • bar and coffee shop
  • shop and off licence
  • cinema
  • entertainment area
  • gaming area / casino
  • quiet room (which is opposite the soft play!)
  • WiFi is available but can only be used at the piano bar, main bar and the lounge.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

There is also normally entertainment on from about 7.30pm every night. We never went on our last trip as we wanted the boys in bed as they were getting over tired. On our previous  trip the entertainment was decent and our eldest son loved dancing around.

Trying to keep track of the time can be difficult especially if you are checking your phone as it changes a number of times during the crossing. You will get woken up for breakfast though by the voice from above to tell you breakfast is being served, so at least you will know the correct time by morning.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry Crossing

On the way out (Hull to Zeebrugge) breakfast is served from 7.30 and on the way back it’s served from  6.30am as the boat arrives by 8.30am.

You will also be told when to head back down to your car to depart. You can then continue your journey onwards be it back to your home or to your holiday.

If you are looking for some information on travelling by ferry with children then pop over and have a read or if you are thinking of going on the Hull to Rotterdam crossing then head over and check out our post as well.

Have you ever done this crossing? What did you think?

* Reviews are our own opinion. We haven’t been paid in anyway for writing this.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferry

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    1. Yes its great going from Hull. Saves driving all the way down to Dover. It doesnt take long from the ferry in Zeebrugge (Belgium) to drive into France. Although that depends where in France you are planning on going! We find it a lot easier doing it this way. Less stress and we can pack what we want a we have the car 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Mike

      We only used The Kitchen (buffet restaurant), which from memory was roughly £9.50 per adult each way, or Breakfast/Dinner £24 per adult per way. Children 4-11 (i think) were Breakfast £5 each way and Breakfast/Dinner were £11.50 each way. I know you save money buying in advance so onboard would be slightly dearer. I wouldn’t expect prices to increase too much this year. If you wanted to eat in the Brasserie restaurant then prices would be more expensive. Hope that helps.

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