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Keeping Kids Entertained At The Airport

Flying always seems more stressful to us, so keeping kids entertained at the airport is always a key point in our planning stage. We have compiled our top tips for keeping kids entertained while you are at the airport waiting for your flight. However, if you get delayed at the airport or just have time to kill between flights then here are some ideas to keep your little ones entertained.

Keeping Kids Entertained At The Airport

plane spotting

Plane Spotting

This shouldn’t be too difficult to do at the airport. Find somewhere near a window and watch the planes taking off and coming in to taxi. It’s great to waste some time if your kids love planes. Our eldest son loves just sitting at the window and watching the planes go by. Sometimes we have to coax him away to go board the plane!

Play Area on MS Pride of Rotterdam

Find a play area

Not all airports have play areas.  Mummy Travels has came up with a great post that has each UK airport and the play areas they have. Your kids will have a great time wasting their energy which may help on the flight if they are tired. We would advise to check out the airports website you are flying from to see what facilities they have for families.

Food near Chateau de Pierrefonds

Go Eat

If your kids are anything like our two, then going to eat food will be a great option. Depending on what time your flight is you could fit in breakfast/lunch/dinner or just go for a snack and enjoy a cake and a drink.

Toddler at Airport

Play with their toys

If your kids have their own hand luggage with them, let them play with their toys in a quiet place. Or even let them use their tablet/dvd player for a little bit, if you are needing a little bit of de-stress time.

How do you keep your kids entertained at the airport?

Our Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained At The Airport

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  1. Our kids were a bit older, so we played card games with them. They also liked going back and forth on the moving sidewalks. Books and kids magazines also helped pass the time.

  2. Oh the airport! It can be stressful for sure but your tips are great. I always make sure we have plenty of time. When mom stays calm, everyone knows it will be ok 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting. I always find the airport the most stressful; husband walks so quickly and im left with the two boys trying to keep up! ha! But yes, making sure you have plenty of time makes the world of difference! x

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