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Packing for a Family Holiday

Packing for a family holiday can be a mind field. For our trips is always left up to me to do…my husband never packs and his stuff is always done the night before, as he takes that long to bring me his things! Men!! Although I do think it works out better this way, as if one person packs then nothing is forgotten. You might think someone else has packed something when they haven’t.

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Packing for a Family Holiday

Packing for a family holiday starts with deciding what to pack for your trip. Which can seem daunting especially if you have a baby coming along too; for being so small they certainly need a lot of stuff! What you take also depends on your family (how many of you and ages) and the also the following considerations:

  1. Where are you going? Hot or Cold?
  2. Duration of trip? (Long trips you can take less clothes if you have a washing machine onsite)
  3. Type of holiday i.e activity, beach etc
  4. Driving or Flying

Once you have decided the above you can then grab your bags and set about packing. If you are still looking for ideas then check out our must have essentials for babies and must have essentials for toddlers. We always take a trunki with toys and books for our boys no matter if we are flying or driving. Check out our post on 5 items to pack in your childs hand luggage for must haves to keep your kids entertained.

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How Many Bags To Take?

When it was the 3 of us we took 1 large suitcase and 1 smaller suitcase between us with a few backpacks as carry on luggage. Now there are 4 of us we will normally take 2 large suitcases. I always do a test run a few days before and weigh the bags before. I can then repack or take out items that I don’t really need but would have been nice to have. We now use packing cubes for family travel which makes things so much easier. Remember the more bags you have the more you have to carry about with you. Which can be difficult with little ones running about or needing carried.

Taking a Buggy

We have always taken a buggy with us as its easier out and about for naps (from birth to about 2.5 years), though you could use a carrier especially if you baby/toddler is use to being carried in one. Airlines normally let you take stroller free of charge with you (check with your airline) just don’t take your really expensive travel system. Get a cheap buggy and save it just for your holidays. Saves you arriving at your destination to find your expensive pram broken! You can check out our article on whether or not you should take a pram with you for more information.

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Do you have any tips for packing for family travel? Let us know in the comments below!

Packing For A Family Holiday Tips

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