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Packing Your Car For A Road Trip Tips

Packing your car for a road trip can sometimes be trial and error. Since having our sons we have done a few long distance trips (although never with the two of them together). Longest drive was from Scotland to Broadway and that took us about 10 hours (our son was toilet training so we didn’t want to push the driving too much!) Our biggest road trip will be August 2015, where we will drive from Scotland to the Ardeche in the South of France! I have compiled a list of tips that we have learnt from our experience so far.

Some Tips For Packing Your Car For A Road Trip

Bags for family holiday

Inside Space

  • Have a cooler bag/box full of snacks and juice that is easily accessible by the passenger and kids in the rear. This will save stopping to get food out of the boot or stopping at service stations.
  • Have a small rubbish bin or plastic bag that you can keep all empty bottles/wrappers in so you don’t have to tidy the car out all the time.
  • Have your changing bag and a medical kit in easy reach for any accidents and nappy changes.
  • Keep with the front passenger paper towels, and plastic bags for my spills or for accidents.

Packing Car

The Boot

  • Pack a bag for each stop that you are doing. So if you are travelling by ferry and then stopping in a hotel somewhere along the way you should have a bag packed for the whole family, so that you can just grab the bag and go inside. You don’t want to be taking in a suitcase full of a weeks clothes when all you need is PJs and a change of clothes and your toiletries.
  • Make sure you are packing heavy stuff at the bottom as you don’t want any fragile items breaking. You could pack fragile items away in a box with some extra padding in case they get bashed about a bit
  • Remember to pack a collapsible laundry basket. Then you can fill it with your dirty clothes and when you get to the laundry facility you can then carry the basket instead of carrying a bin bag etc. You can also keep your hotel room/caravan etc clean by having all the dirty clothes in one place. Much easier!
  • If you run out of space in the boot then why not consider a top box or trailer. This would add extra space for you to put bulky items etc.

Trunki blue

For the Kids

  • Let the pack a bag be it a tote bag, trunki or small children’s suitcase with their favourite toys/blanket/pillow for inside the car to keep them entertained. It will also make them feel grown up that they have helped pack.
  • Always have spare clothes inside the car for the kids (and yourself) in case of any accidents or if anyone is sick. Keep a plastic bag along with the spare clothes so any dirty clothes can then go directly in the plastic bag.

Tips Sent In By Other Bloggers/Parents

  • Sent in by Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault – In case of travel sickness. Have a lidded plastic container to hand as it is much easier for a young child to be sick into a box rather than a bag and easier to deal with when you are able to stop.

Pack your car for a road trip

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