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5 Reasons To Take Your Kids On A Eurocamp Holiday

As a child I have done many Eurocamp holidays and have always enjoyed them. Now our boys are getting older I wanted to make sure they had some of their own Eurocamp holidays, so they can make their own memories. For us Eurocamp holidays are perfect as you can find something within your budget and the whole family are kept happy.

Our 5 Top Reasons To Take A Eurocamp Holiday

You Don’t Have To Pack The Kitchen Sink

Eurocamp have thought of pretty much everything if you have a baby or toddler. When booked in advance you can get free highchairs, travel cots, baby baths, potties, changing mats and bed rails. No more lugging about everything for your young children. Okay our car was still pretty full but we decided to take toys and we had 2 boxes full of our youngest sons special formula and dairy free food. They also have two types of parcs, one called Little Eurocamper Friendly Parcs and the other is Little Eurocampers Paradise Parcs. Paradise parcs include more for the little ones. You can read more about Little Eurocampers via their website.

Car packed with bags

Accommodation To Suit Everyone

From tents to tree houses Eurocamp have accommodation to suit everyone. They have the following, mobile homes, tents, tree houses, mountain lodge, and lastly lodges and bungalows. Prices range from budget to the more expensive which means you are certain to find something within your budget.

Decking area

Kids Are Outdoors

Who doesn’t want to see their kids running about and having fun, whether its kicking a football or swimming in the pool. Get your kids away from the TV’s and video games and let them fun free (ok maybe not totally free if they are young…parent supervision may be needed!)

outdoor on a bike

Kids Clubs For All Ages

Kids clubs start at age 5 for most of the parcs, however if you go to one of the special baby/toddler friendly camps then they have kids clubs especially for them. With learn to swim classes, learn to ride a bike, tumble tots and more. We havent tested the kids clubs out yet as the parcs we went to the clubs started from age 5. Maybe next year!

Fun All Around and Places Nearby To Visit

All the parcs we have visited always have a good atmosphere and they is something for all ages to enjoy. There are also places nearby for you to take day trips to or if you just want to stay in the parc then obviously there will be things for you to do there too.


Why not head over to the Eurocamp website and see what holidays you can find. If you need help then the staff will be more than happy to help you! Go on take a Eurocamp holiday and let your kids have their own special memories!

Disclaimer: We dont work for Eurocamp and we havent been paid/given anything for writing this. This is our honest opinion and we think other families would enjoy this type of holiday too.

5 Reasons To Take Your Kids On A Eurocamp Holiday

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