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Top 5 Reasons Why Travelling With Babies Is Easier

Wondering whether travelling with babies is easier? Look no further, as we think it is! We took our eldest son on his first holiday when he was 16 weeks old. Now we wouldn’t say he was the easiest of babies. He had colic, he was milk intolerant, he had eczema, reflux and he hardly ever slept at night (he only started sleeping through the night when he turned 4 years old!) Now even with all of this we would still say travelling with babies is so much easier than when children get older.

5 Reasons Why Travelling With Babies Is Easier

Baby sleeping in pram

Free on Flights

Children under 2 are free on flights if not taking a seat. It is great that you dont have to pay extra, although some airlines may charge a small charge (£20 max from what we have seen). Although there is this small charge it is still a great reason why travelling with babies is easy. If you want your baby to have a seat then prices will vary so best contacting your airline so they can advise you on what options they have.

Free Beds

Okay not beds exactly but most hotels will provide you with a travel cot for free. Please check with the hotel though as when we were in Austria and had pre booked a cot we ended up with a single bed. So best to check what the hotel defines as a cot before you turn up and have an unsuitable bed.

Baby sleeping in bed

Baby Wearing

You dont have to take a pram with you if you really didn’t need it. Baby wearing is great and can be so much easier to get around busy places or places that have uneven floors (damn those cobbled streets!)


Under the age of 6 months you don’t really have to worry about food. Babies are either breastfed or bottlefed which makes things easier when out and about. Though in our experience even babies that are on solid food it is still quite easy to find suitable food for them, depending on where you are going.

If your baby is milk intolerant then it does make things slightly more challenging but it is workable. Also babies in the first few months tend to just sleep. So they are pretty easy to take about in a carrier or pram.

baby in pram

The Memories

Okay your baby wont remember the memories but you will. Remember to take photos as they are so precious in remembering those moments in the future and you can tell your children all about their holidays using the photos you have taken.

Would you say travelling with babies is easier? Let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

Top reasons why travelling with a baby is easy

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