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6 Ways To Save Money While On A Family Holiday

We are always looking for ways to save money while on a family holiday. There is nothing worse than running out of money while on a family holiday…luckily it hasn’t happened to us so far. Before any holiday you should set up a budget and set yourself a daily budget. This means you wont be worrying while you are away as you know your set daily budget. The days you have money spare you can put towards the next day or just spend it on something nice, like ice creams etc. We are always looking for new ways to save money while on a family holiday, but before are our top tips!

Our 6 Top Ways To Save Money While On A Family Holiday

Picnic at Floors Castle
Picnics save lots of money!

Make picnics

Most attractions you go to will more than likely have places to eat at them, however the prices will be a lot higher than normal. If you are going somewhere that allows picnics to be taken inside then this will be your best way of saving some money while away. Buying bread and meats etc from a local supermarket will be a lot cheaper than lunch at any attraction!

discount websites

Check out discount websites for offers

Before you leave on your holiday, you should have an idea on where you want to visit while away. So check discount websites like Groupon and see if they have any offers on.

Attraction discounts

Check out the attractions websites too!

Like above if you check out the attraction website you will more than likely find you can save money if you book in advance. It only gets a bit more difficult if you have to choose a day for the tickets. So see what options they have available before buying.

Parc Asterix
Picture Credit to Parc Asterix

Use your supermarket points

When we visited Parc Asterix, I check out Tesco Clubcard Rewards and found for roughly £45 of clubcard points i could get 3 park tickets. This saved us money on the day, which meant out of our daily budget we could buy the boys some gifts from the shops.

Sat Nav Car
Sat Nav in the car

Take your own GPS/Sat Nav

If you are renting a car and have your own GPS device (and its got European maps etc) then it may work out cheaper to take your own. You will also know how to use it. If you plan on going on more holidays in the future then it works out better having your own device. Just remember to bring it home with you!

toddler in car seat
Example of a car seat we hired in Gran Canaria

Take your own car seat

Car seat abroad we have found are never the best quality. Trying to fit the car seats in the car after a long flight also isn’t worth the fight. If you have your own universal car seats take them with you. This will save you money and will also mean you know the car seats history and you know how to fit them quickly!

Do you have any tips on how to save money while on a family holiday?

Our 6 top ways of saving money while on holiday

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