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To Take A Pram Or Not

This is the dilemma that most parents with young children may have, whether they should take a pram or not. On our holidays we have always taken a pushchair with us for our eldest son apart from when we went to Bahrain. Although we had to buy a pushchair out there as the heat was too much for him and he couldn’t walk as far without getting tired – he was 2.5 years old at the time. All the trips we have done since Bahrain he hasn’t used a pram as he is a very good walker – he can hike over 5 miles now.

Should you take a pram or not?

If your child currently uses a pram in your daily home life then chances are you will need one on holiday. Depending on the type of holiday you are going for – i.e on a plane or driving will more than likely be the deciding factor. You know your child best, if they are not a good walker or still take naps a pushchair may be the best option. You could also use a carrier if your child has been in one before.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Car..take a pram?

If you are going on holiday or travelling by car you would more than likely have space to put a pushchair – unless you take everything including the kitchen sink! You could do what we did in Bahrain and see how your child goes and if they struggle then buy one while you are away. Then either bring it back or ditch it before you return home.

Flying…take a pram?

For flying it’s a more difficult choice as its extra luggage to take with you – though most airlines will let you take the pushchair free of charge (check with you airlines first!) In our opinion it isn’t difficult to get your pram through security or around the airport. You will more than likely though have to take your child out of the pram to get through security as they normally ask you to fold the pushchair. Which can be a pain if they are sleeping. If you didn’t want to take a pram for flying then other options could be to take a carrier or trunki as they will help you through the airport.

Toddler at Palmitos Park

Once through security you can take the pushchair all the way up to the plane door and you then collect it at either the plane door upon arrival or at baggage reclaim – check with the airline staff which it will be. If you don’t mind not using the pushchair at the airport then you can check it in at the desk before heading through security.

We would recommend not taking your expensive pram in case it was damaged by the airline staff but a lightweight umbrella fold pram would do.

Have you taken your pushchair with you or did you decide to leave it at home?

Should you take a pram or not on a family holiday

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