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Travel Apps – Are They Worth It?

I’m always seeing new travel apps that people rave about. However, are they worth it? I’ve tried a number of travel apps over the years but do I still use them? Are they useful for family travel?

Travel Apps, Are They Worth It?

Trip It Travel App


Tripit is a travel planner, it basically puts all your travel plans into one place for you. You forward all your reservation emails etc to Trip it who add them and it creates your itinerary for you. I used this for a number of months but I really got bored of it and didn’t find it very useful at all. You can also pay for the Tripit Pro.

Google Trips Travel App

Google Trips

I’m currently testing Google Trips after countless people said it was great. You can plan and organise your trips. It adds any reservations from your Gmail account into it (which I’m still trying to get it to work) It also shows you things to do in the local area and food and drink in the area. You can also save places and locate them in a handy section. Will I still be using this in 6 months time? I’m not too sure to be honest. I like the concept of it but getting to to work is another matter. I would like to be able to add reservations manually considering it isn’t automatically adding them for me.

Facebook Messenger Travel App


So I currently use Whats App and Facebook Messenger. I use them both daily, and I find them great for keeping in touch when I want to. Also great sending pictures to family and friends when on holiday etc. So I will definitely be still using these in the months to come.

Skype Travel App


I don’t use it very often, however it does come in handy for making phone calls to my other half when he is away. Although the calling facility on Facebook Messenger also works so I tend to use that too. Download Skype

Rome to Rio Travel App

Rome 2 Rio

I have used the Rome 2 Rio website several times over the years. It shows you how to get from A to B and gives you travel times and costs. It can be very useful. Although I didn’t realise it had an app, so I may have to download it. You are able to view previous searches offline which would come in handy if you were abroad and needed to check a previous search for the ideal route (although you would of had to search it first to do this)

So if we don’t use travel apps, what do we use? Well I use One Note to store all our holiday details from how much is left to pay, days out ideas, places to eat etc. All in a handy place that I can automatically sync across my phone, tablet and laptop. For me I find this much more useful than any travel app!

Are there any travel apps that you use? Let us know if you do so we can try them out too!

Travel Apps Are they worth it for family travel

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  1. I always say I’m going to use more travel apps and love reading articles about them but in reality tend to only use a few. I have my quirky ways of organizing things, but a system that works, and old habits are hard to break!

    1. Yeah I totally agree. I think it’s because I’m so use to organizing things in my own way that adding apps into the balance just never seem to work!

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