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Travelling With A Baby – The Good And The Bad

Travelling with a baby – what is it really like to travel with a baby? The honest truth is that there are good things and bad things. Although, I’m pretty sure it is the same when at home doing our daily routine. That been said we wouldn’t stop travelling at any point with our kids. We are now passed the baby stage and we are still exploring…so it can’t be that bad!

Travelling With A Baby

The Good

Flying with a baby

Babies Are Free

Under 2 years old and it means they can fly for free (this is for most airlines, so best double check with them direct). Same for hotels, most can provide a cot and let them stay for free. In our eyes it is the best time to go explore as when they get older the extra cost can be a right pain!

Duinrell Theme Park

Family Time

With busy working lives spending quality time as a family can be hard. One reason to have a holiday when your children are little is to spend that quality time together and enjoy it. Make the most of it as sometimes back home you feel overwhelmed and there just never seems enough time for quality family time.

Kids on a beach


Getting those first holiday photos of your baby on holiday makes for those special moments. Make the most of the baby stage and get as many holiday moments as possible. They may not be able to remember the time when they are older. However, showing them all the photos really makes for great family moments.

The Bad

Stick to routine baby sleeping


If you have a routine at home, then sticking to it while away can be difficult. Especially bed times when you want to stay out for longer, but have a baby demanding it’s cot. That been said Little K has fell asleep in the evenings with music blasting and not woke up. On the other hand Big K has never been able to sleep through the noise. You know your kids best, so do what works for you. While on holiday we tend to let our routine slip a little but still have a basic routine in place.

Packing Car


The amount of things you need for babies can seem like you are moving house most of the time. However, we have learnt that there are some must haves for travelling with babies that we always try to have with us. Travelling with a baby can mean extra baggage but once you learn what is essential then you can cut a fair bit out!

Family selfie
A family selfie after a long night with Big K being sick


Falling ill while on holiday absolutely sucks. However, when one of the boys falls ill it is just the most horrid situation to be in. Especially when in a foreign country where there is a language barrier between you and the doctors. Big K fell ill on his first holiday abroad, luckily we had our EHIC with us as it saved us over 300 euros. I’m always worried that Little K will fall ill from eating something he shouldn’t, especially as he reacts so quickly to something if eaten or touched. However, somehow you do manage to get through the language barrier and hopefully our two never fall seriously ill while travelling.

So there you have it the bad and good about travelling with a baby. What are your bad and good points about travelling with a baby?

Travelling with a baby the truth

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I have always had an interest in travel and now we have our two boys we want them to see more than just the UK. We hope to give advice and tips to other parents who are anxious about travelling with their children. You can also read about our holidays and the places we have visited while away.
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