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Car Safety – Winter Car Seat Tips

As winter has now officially begun I thought I would write a quick post with a reminder for winter car safety. I see parents posting pictures of their children daily on Facebook wearing thick puffy coats. This makes me cringe. Never put your child in an outdoor jacket while in the car! It is so dangerous. Before you start your journey go out to your car and put the heaters on. It will make the car warmer.

Winter Car Seat Tips

If you are still wondering why it is so dangerous then you can try a simple test to see for yourself.

  1. Have your child wear its thick winter jacket
  2. Place child in its seat and tighten the straps
  3. Remove the child without loosening the straps
  4. Take the child’s jacket off
  5. Place child back in the seat and do the buckle up. Dont tighten the straps…

Can you see how loose the straps are? Can you imagine if you were in a car accident…the jacket would compress  leaving the straps loose, which in reality could mean your child flying out of the car seat. Not safe at all!

winter baby car seat safety

Secondly your child wearing a thick jacket can easily overheat while wearing its jacket. It wont be able to remove the jacket which is not safe either.

How Do I Keep Them Safe?

Well there are a few simple things you can do to keep your children safe.

Dress them in layers

During the winter depending how cold it is on the day I will dress the boys in the following; vest, long sleeve top and a jumper/fleece. This will keep them warm enough to get them from the house to the car.

Strap them in

Make sure when you do the straps up they are snug against your child’s chest. You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps

Cover them up

Once their straps are all tightened you can then put a blanket over them. Put it under their arms pits and not above.

Baby in car seat

For our youngest son we had a morrck blanket. We found this great for keeping him warm and its full tested and approved. Also remember straps must NEVER be twisted.

Here is a video from the morrack’s website to explain more.

Thank you for reading our winter car seat tips. Hopefully you will be able to use these tips to help you keep your children safe this winter

Winter Car Seat Tips

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