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Top Tips For Getting Your Kids Out Walking

Getting our kids out walking is a top priority. We are an outdoor type of family; my husband loves cycling… me not so much ha! Although I love hiking/walking and so do the boys. Getting outdoors and walking is a great way to keep fit and you don’t need to give it up when you have children either. I love trying to get our children involved which can be a quite easy if you can make it fun for them. Here are some ideas on how to make walking fun for kids and get them involved in walking/hiking.

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Woodland Walk

Our Top Tips For Getting Your Kids Out Walking

Small Steps…

Start by introducing your little ones (or older ones) to a small walk if they are not use to getting outdoors. You don’t want to start them with a 8 mile hike for example and put them off for good. Try give them a great incentive to get to the end point; you could tell them they can have a treat or a play on the swings etc

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Go at their pace…

Your walk may take longer but if you keep walking at your pace your children’s legs will tire long before yours. Take your time and go at their pace. If they want to stop for a break then find somewhere suitable for you all to sit and rest for a bit (look out for animals or even cloud shapes so they don’t moan they are bored!). Make sure you have a good supply of snacks and drinks to keep you all going otherwise you will end up with them moaning they are tired and hungry.

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On the Rob Roy Way

Look for Wildlife…

Most children love animals so why not let them look out for different signs of animals nearby. Look for footprints and they will more than likely love the idea of trying to find the most animals (try not to disturb any animals though you are only looking). Though if wildlife isn’t of interest to your children you could always try looking for elves and fairies. This is a popular option for our eldest son who is 4.5 years old.

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Family time outdoors

Make a collection…

If your children love picking up things while they are out and about then why not let them choose something to start a collection with. For example they could collect leaves and put them in a scrap book showing the adventures they had on their walk.

Do you have any tips for getting your children involved in walking/hiking?

Getting Your Kids Out Walking

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    1. Yes it can take a lot longer when little ones are about. Especially the amount of stuff you have to carry for going out! Thank you for commenting 🙂 x

  1. great tips! our boy is only starting to walk without needing carrying every few steps! collecting things and looking out for wildlife helps here too! he loves collecting sticks too 🙂 #whatevertheweather

    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂 Our youngest still doesn’t walk very far without wanting picked up but our 5 year old is getting really good with walking. Its great when they love pointing out things and collecting items along the way x

  2. Great tips for walking! I find it hard when we get to a hill, littlest likes to walk up, but will then try and run back down again, I feel like I’m herding a stubborn goat sometimes! Pointing out things really helps for him, the ‘oooh, what is that!’ really does work! Thanks so much for sharing with #Whateverytheweather x

    1. Ha yes i know that feeling. Little K is wanting to start to walk with us but at 18 months and out on a longish hike it can be a bit draining. Our recent hikes involves singing Old McDonald over and over again and pointing out sheep. x

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