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Travel Memories #30 – France, 2015 (Ardeche)

Welcome to Travel Memories Week 30! We hope to post every week a photo from our past travels (before children included) that makes us smile and remember the moment. We love taking photos of our travels (especially me – Sam) so we thought we would start this little series and see where it takes us. Memories are so special and when we forget we can look back at all our photo albums and know that there were happy moments which we can cherish.

Boy posing Half way up Mont Ventoux

Our Travel Memories

This picture was taken back in 2015 in France. This picture is from Mont Ventoux when we were in the South of France on holiday. We were in the Ardeche staying but travelled to Mont Ventoux which is in Provence so my husband and dad could cycle up. Yes they are nuts! So they set off from the bottom and we had lunch down where we had parked.

After lunch we drove up in the car to see how far they had got. We passed them and got to Chalet Reynard. We decided to park up and take a few pictures. I love this picture of Big K, i actually have pretty much the same picture of myself when I was maybe 8 or 9 standing in the same place. He was excited to shout on his daddy who passed by about 10 minutes after we parked up.

We then drove up further and passed them again so we parked up to take some more pictures of them passing. Then we set off for the mountain top finish. By the time I had managed to park the car they had reached the top which was a bit disappointing but they really enjoyed it and we were very proud of their achievements.

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Do you have a favourite travel memory? Feel free to share, we would love to hear from you.

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