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Travel Memories #34 – San Francisco, 2006

Welcome to Travel Memories Week 34! We hope to post every week a photo from our past travels (before children included) that makes us smile and remember the moment. We love taking photos of our travels (especially me – Sam) so we thought we would start this little series and see where it takes us. Memories are so special and when we forget we can look back at all our photo albums and know that there were happy moments which we can cherish.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

Our Travel Memories

This picture was taken back in 2006. This was one of the many stops on my 3 month backpacking trip with my older brother. We were staying in San Francisco in a hostel. Before our visit we had both seen pictures of San Francisco but I dont think we both quite believed how hilly it is! We set off towards towards the bike shop which we had seen on a previous day. We had decided we would go for a bike ride and ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I think we cycled about 20+ miles in total which was great fun. We both hadn’t cycled for a few years so it was quite entertaining to go cycling again. As we got closer we could see the bridge coming into view and it was such a beautiful sight. I think it made it even better that the sky was so blue and made it stand out even more.

Have you ever been somewhere that has taken your breathe away?

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Do you have a favourite travel memory? Feel free to share, we would love to hear from you.

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