7 Reasons To Take Your Dog(s) On Holiday With You Too!

Do you have dogs? Have you ever thought about taking them on holiday with you, instead of putting them into kennels? We thought we would put together 7 reasons why you should take your dog(s) on holiday with you. Maybe it will tempt you to try a holiday out with your 4 legged friend(s) in tow.

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Our old man at Loch Katrine

7 Great Reasons To Take Your Dog(s) On Holiday With You Too!

They Are Part Of The Family Too

We never really want to leave a family member behind. As that is exactly what our dogs are…part of the family. Taking them with us means we don’t need to leave them behind.

Cheaper Than Kennels

Depending where you are going you may only need to pay extra for them to stay in your accommodation with you. This may only cost you £15 per pet for the week. Which is far cheaper than kennels for a week – or home boarding. If going out of the UK then you will have some extra costs like your Pet Passport, vet fees in the UK and country returning from. Check the prices out with your vet before you travel. You may also be charged for taking your pet on a ferry if that is the option you take to travel.

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They Will Love The Quality Time

Every day life sometimes gets in the way. Even though they may get walked and loved every day, sometimes going on holiday means they get a bit of extra quality time. We are pretty sure they would love the extra cuddles!

Great Accommodation Options

They are so many great accommodation nowadays that are pet friendly. We found a great self catering accommodation in Bamburgh which felt like home. We would stay away from hotels unless really needed, as for us you can find much more in the form of cottages, houses, villas and maybe even a castle that are pet friendly. Google is your friend, you can find many great properties these days that will suit the whole family.

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Our old man on the beach

Makes You More Active

We don’t go on holiday to laze around, we go to explore. When the dogs are with us we are out most of the day, outside having fun and exploring. Taking your dog(s) with you on holiday means you can be more active and get outdoors and explore.

Less Stressed

It’s well known that dogs can reduce stress, and travel can get stressful. Take them with you and we are sure you will be less stressed while on your holiday. Our dogs can always tell when we are stressed and come over for cuddles. It’s a nice way to de-stress!

You Know They Are Safe

Even when your dog(s) are in kennels/home boarding/with a family member, you still feel anxious leaving them behind in case something happens. When your dog(s) go with you on a family holiday, it means you know exactly where they are when you are away. Bonus!

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Fun for all the family

Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

  • Before you leave research dog friendly days out
  • Make sure if you are going abroad with your dog(s) that they have a Pet Passport. You can ask your vet for more information.
  • Make sure you pack your dogs essentials – even check out our dog packing list for help.
  • Make sure all your pets vaccinations are up to date
  • Check to make sure your pets microchip is up to date. If it isn’t get it done before you leave. Also make sure your dog(s) have a tag with the correct details on.
  • If you are travelling by car, then stop often just like with kids. They need to stop and stretch their legs too (and go to the toilet).

Have you ever taken your dog(s) on holiday with you? Where is your favourite holiday destination to take them?

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dogs On Holiday With You Too!

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