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What’s Been Happening April 2017

After having a pretty quiet March, we hit the road on our first holiday of the year to Northumberland. If you have seen our Instagram you may have seen our updates from our holiday. If not head over and take a look!

April 2017 Monthly Round Up

Mother and 2 boys sitting on a canon at Etal Northumberland
Mummy, Little K and Big K


  • Yes, our trip to Northumberland was this month. We took our 2 dogs along with us and I think they had more fun than us!
  • We also headed off to RSPB Loch Leven for a family fun day out. I wrote a blog all about it so make sure you check it out.
  • We are now planning our long weekend to Italy next month. Nick and my dad are taking part in the 2017 Nove Colli which is a 200km bike event. It’s far too much exercise for me.
Toddler posing in Aberfoyle on the cycle path
Little K is growing up fast!

Home & Work

  • We have revamped our rabbits hutches this month with lino. It is much easier to clean now and will hopefully make the hutches last a bit longer. We have also ordered some more runs and tunnels for them to extend their living space #hutchisnotenough
  • Little K had his 27 month check and the Health Visitor was very happy with his progress. I had been worried about his speech, but it has been improving so much recently.
  • Midway through the month, I had a stressful week trying to keep up with the business, juggling kids and dogs, and the blog while my parents were on holiday…I survived…just!
Child running across the photo shot with dogs in the background
Big K jumping about


Next month we have our long weekend in Italy which we are looking forward to. The boys will be getting some more practice in with their SwimFins.

What did you get up to this month? Was it a quiet month for you or busy like ours?

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    1. Yes its been a busy month. Sometimes I havent known if im coming or going! Im looking forward to Italy. Its only going to be 2 full days but we have a lot of filming to do while my dad and Nick do the bike event. Should be good fun xx

  1. Sounds like a fab but busy month, we love Northumberland its such a beautiful place to visit, and juggling kids, life and blogging takes some doing x

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes it was a pretty busy month. Northumberland is a stunning place. So glad we got to explore some of it while on holiday. We will have to go back to explore the rest one year! x

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