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What’s Been Happening – July 2017

We normally don’t tend to go away during the summer unless its a short weekend away. However, this month we took off on our summer holiday (business trip) to Austria/Germany. I still had my netbook with me in case I needed to do urgent emails while travelling. We also took over 30GB of videos and pictures! Find out what else we have been up to below.

July 2017 Monthly Round Up

River Danube


  • We spent 10 nights away at the start of July. We flew into Vienna from Edinburgh and then did a 9 night cycling holiday along the River Danube. I’m not a strong cyclist. However, I had fun and still enjoyed cycling every day.

Kids at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Home & Work

  • Work is still very busy and my younger brother has been away as well. Which has meant everyone is playing catch up with the work load.
  • Big K turned 6 while we were on holiday. However, before we left we had a day out at the Safari Park for this birthday day out.
  • Its the summer holidays and Big K is already asking when he is going back to school!
  • Big K has been enjoying football school last week. He also has a week booked up in August to go back again. It’s great as it means he is out 10-3 enjoying himself.
  • Little K has been off nursery as they are on holiday for a few weeks. He goes back this week, which I am sure he will enjoy seeing his friends again.

River Danube


How has your month been? You enjoying the summer holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had a busy month. I am impressed by your cycling. It’s something I’m pretty useless at but I hope Jamie will do better than me. Did your little ones ride on the bikes with you?

    1. Yes, it was a busy month. Our eldest son went on a follow me which attaches his bike to an adult bike. Our youngest went in a trailer.

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