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What’s Been Happening – June 2017

Wow this month has been one big head spin! We haven’t really done any travel (see below) but everything has been so rushed and hectic that it feels like we haven’t had a chance to sit down and rest!

June 2017 Monthly Round Up


  • We were house bound most of the time last month, due to both boys getting chicken pox! The only travel I did was walking the West Highland Way with my mum. Which meant I was away for nearly 2 weeks while we walked the route and did some other walks in the area too.
  • The boys went on a few outings to the local parks and also our local farm (Mill Farm) while I was away. They both enjoyed their quality time with daddy.
Sam wearing the Elisha Jacket on the West Highland Way
Me on the West Highland Way

Home & Work

  • Work has been manic as usual. It’s currently our busy season so the work load has increased a lot over the last month.
  • While away on the West Highland Way (a 96 mile long distance walking trail in Scotland), I was without a data or Wifi connection for some of it which meant I couldn’t keep with the work load or talk to the kids on video calls!
  • Home life has been pretty hectic too. Big K has quite a few after school classes which have moved to different days. This has meant juggling our work schedule around to try and get use to the new class schedules. I’ve been so use to our routine that I’m not too keen on the change!
  • My parents were also meant to move house yesterday which got cancelled a few days before! So a stressful move day has now turned out to be even more stressful with loss of money and time consuming! It looks like they now move out while we are away on holiday, which isn’t ideal!
Toddler sitting in a bike trailer at Loch Katrine
Little K in his rented trailer


How has your month been? You all been busy too? Let us know in the comments below!

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