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May 2017 Monthly Round Up

Wow, I didn’t think May would have been a busy month for us. However, I have been struggling to keep up with work and the blog due to being so busy. It can be so diffcult trying to find the right balance for work, blog and family life. One of the reasons I started the blog was because I thought I could make friends with similar interests, and it is still something I find extremely difficult. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a couple of great friends, but I’m still struggling to find my “tribe” as they call it. Travel wise we had our weekend away to Italy, which if you read nearly never happened!

May 2017 Monthly Round Up


  • We had our long weekend away to Italy for the Nove Colli. The hotel was great – we had a 2 bedroom suite with views out over the ocean. It wasn’t a restful holiday as it was a full on business trip. Luckily we can take the boys with us on business trips and give them a little holiday at the same time.
Learning to swim with swimfin
Big K in the pool

Home & Work

  • Big K got the chicken pox! It was so close to the holiday too that we didn’t think we were going to make the airlines cut off time. Luckily we did, although not by much (12 hours or so!) Our doctor wrote us a doctors note to say he was fit to fly which was a big relieve.
  • One of our rabbits had to get put to sleep after starting to struggle to breathe which then made him stop eating. The vets tried everything they could but nothing seemed to be helping so we took the decision we hate making 🙁 R.I.P Sox
  • A few days after coming back from Italy, Little K came out in spots…yes, he ended up with chicken pox too. Two children in one month!
  • Work has been very busy lately. Which can only be good I suppose but it doesn’t help with the stress levels!
Bamburgh Castle


  • I’ve still been catching up on our blog posts from our recent trip to Northumberland. So this month included our posts from Dunstanburgh Castle, Holy Island, and our walk from Bamburgh to Seahouses.
  • We also wrote about getting outside now the weather is better, which we always try and get outside and explore. Now the weather is improving we can hopefully get outside a bit more.
  • Finding Wifi on the go can be pretty difficult, especially when hotel WiFi can be pretty slow. So I wrote a post about what we use while away on holiday or a business trip.
  • On recent holidays I have wrote a post about what our holiday cost us. I like to show that not all holidays have to be expensive to have fun. If anything I try save us as much money as I can. So here are our costings for Northumberland.
  • Lastly, on our Italian family weekend away we managed to test out the boys SwimFin’s a bit more. They have really enjoyed testing them out and learning to swim with their SwimFin’s.

Next month I’m off with my mum to do the West Highland Way. I’m looking forward to my child free time and getting out doing what I enjoy which is going out hiking. I don’t get to do much hiking unless I have the kids with me which can be stressful making sure hikes are not too long and you have enough food. I will probably do a blog post on it, even though it isn’t really family travel.

What did you get up to this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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