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Our Top 3 Bucket List Destinations

Okay so I expect everyone has a bucket list or a to do list so I wanted to explain what our top 3 destinations are and why. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to explore and see the world, however the voice in my head constantly tells me I cant and so I just don’t go that far. Then when my older brother passed away at the age of 26 it hit home that life is short and we need to live for today as we have no idea what tomorrow will hold. I would love to just jet away and take the boys to see the world but my anxiety just holds me back. Maybe one day Ill be confident enough to take them somewhere by myself. However until then we will go on our yearly holidays and little breaks to explore at our own pace.

Our Top 3 Bucket List Destinations

Picture Credit - Australia.com
Picture Credit – Australia.com


I think this is on top of most peoples list. It is such a large country and Id love to take the boys and rent a car or campervan and explore. So many places that would be fantastic to visit like Sydney, Brisbane, or Ayers Rock.

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USA & Canada

Okay so i’m cheating a bit and adding these two together but back in 2006 I went backpacking with my older brother and we visited so many amazing places during our 3 months away. I would love to be able to take the boys to at least some of the places we visited especially the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. I would also love to go back to Canada to explore more. We never got to visit Banff, Calgary, Jasper etc and so going on a fly drive holiday would be absolutely amazing. Don’t you agree?

Isle of Arran


A slightly strange one as we live in the UK but how many of us actually explore where we live? I really want to see Stonehenge and explore the highlands of Scotland more. We have only been to Fort William (we attempted Ben Nevis in 70mph winds and torrential rain…as you can probably guess we didn’t make it all the way as it was far too dangerous!) We definitely need to do more holidays within the UK over the next few years.

You can also read my “bucket list” which I have previously wrote

Does anyone else have a bucket list? What places would you love to explore?

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Mummy and Wife at Travelling With Our Kids
I have always had an interest in travel and now we have our two boys we want them to see more than just the UK. We hope to give advice and tips to other parents who are anxious about travelling with their children. You can also read about our holidays and the places we have visited while away.
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  1. Nothing wrong with putting the UK on there-we have SOOOO much on our doorstep and can anyone ever tick it off completely? Can anyone ever say honestly and comprehensively ‘I have DONE the U.K.’!? Nice list!
    Mine; oh dear, where do I start!? 😉

    1. I know we are very lucky to have so many beautiful places in the UK. Just wish it were slightly cheaper to visit some of them! I’m glad I only put top 3 as our list is rather long! Thank you for commenting

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