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Top 10 Travel Must Haves #MarkWarnerMum

Holidays…what can we say, we love to travel and explore with our boys. As parents we have our own travel must haves including the essentials for travelling with babies or even our essentials for travelling with a toddler.

However, for our entry into the Mark Warner Ambassador Programme, we thought we would ask our 5 year old son (Big K) what his top 10 travel must haves are for a great holiday. Some are things he would take and others are what he would love to have at his destination. So here goes…

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Top 10 Travel Must Haves By Our 5 Year Old

View of hotel in Alcudia Pins
Our hotel in Majorca


Big K: The hotel must have 50 bedrooms with a hotel manager.
Mummy: May be a bit difficult to find a hotel with exactly 50 bedrooms but I’m assuming as long as he has a bed for the night he won’t be too disappointed. Personally, I would pick a hotel if their hotel rooms were family friendly with a separate area for us to relax once the boys were in bed.

View of Beach
Beach in Majorca


Big K: Need to have a beach so I can bury daddy in the sand and make him a mermaid daddy!
Mummy: We have tried this before but daddy wasn’t playing ball. Maybe we just need to go on a beach holiday so we can try again!

Boy on his bike
Big K riding his bike in Holland


Big K: Love taking my bike so I can ride everywhere
Mummy: Bikes appear a lot on our holidays. He absolutely loves his bike so a holiday where he can cycle would be his ideal holiday

Toddler with his tablet
Little K using Big K’s tablet


Big K: So I can play my Lego game with the cars and watch films and Blaze
Mummy: Yes we do take our boys tablets with us. They are filled with educational apps, and videos.

Eating food
Big K stuffing his face at dinner


Big K: I love eating while riding my bike
Mummy: He has never done this! We always stop to eat! I was wondering when he would mention food, he is always asking for food.

Toddler wearing a sun hat
Big K in his hat


Big K: So I can turn it around and be cool
Mummy: Yes, instead of using it for sun protection he would rather look cool!

Trunki Tote Bag
Trunki full of toys


Big K: I would take my racing cars so I can race them on the hotel desk.
Mummy: We always take some toys for them to play with while we have some down time in the afternoon.

Cable car over Innsbruck
Cable Car in Innsbruck – Picture Credit Innsbruck Tourism

Cable Cars

Big K: Love going up reeeaaaaaly high!
Mummy: Okay, didn’t expect him to say this but we normally do try head up a cable car while on holiday. We really enjoy heading up high to see some amazing views!

Brothers in Holland
Little K with his teddies


Big K: So they can sneak on the plane and zoom away before me to go to Germany for my birthday
Mummy: We are off to Germany for his birthday in July…he asks daily if its his birthday yet. It’s going to be a long 4 months!

Family at Kinderdijk Windmills
Us at the Kinderdijk Windmills

Mummy, Daddy and Little K

Big K: So we can have lots of fun
Mummy: So glad he is taking us! At least we do make his holidays fun then!

So not our usual answers for our travel must haves but it was really interesting listening to him choosing things that make his holidays fun. Just shows you don’t need much for kids to have fun on holiday!

Have any of you been on a Mark Warner Holiday before? We have heard so many great things about them, so fingers crossed for our entry. We would love to have our own family #MWMoment and become a #MarkWarnerMum!

Top 10 Travel Must Haves By Our 5 Year Old

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    1. Thank you for commenting. He has been asking to blog for ages so thought it was a great opportunity for him. Yes, he was adamant it had to be a 50 bedroom hotel. He is so funny x

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