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WiFi On The Go – Getting WiFi While On Holiday

WiFi on the go is pretty important for most families nowadays, never mind for bloggers. As a family you may not allow tablets and phones while away but for us it is very important to have WiFi while away on a family holiday. Why? Well we still have to be able to access our emails and run our family business away from home. I also like to be able to access emails for this family travel blog so I don’t fall behind with the work it needs! We have found that sometimes the hotel WiFi or campsite WiFi does not cut it when you are looking to get some work done. That is why we invested in an Huawei Dongle. Check here for up to date prices

Wifi Dongle
Our WiFi Dongle

What We Use For WiFi On The Go

We bought our unlocked Huawei dongle from the Amazon website. At first we purchased a Data Sim from EE. However, we found out it wasn’t going to work abroad which meant we had to look for an alternative.

This is when we purchased a data sim from 3. They have their Feel At Home destinations which means you can use your UK data in any of the stated countries. We have tried it several times in different countries and it worked great. Especially when some hotels and other types of accommodation sometimes still charge for you to use their WiFi.

Since realizing how well it worked, we decided to get a contract with 3, so we could use it whenever for a set monthly fee.

Toshiba Netbook
My handy Netbook for travelling!

We find it really does come in handy, and it is very portable. The signal and speed always seems to be good and we haven’t had any problems so far (touch wood).

On a previous trip we also rented a TEP wireless which arrived at our house pre-trip. We then posted it back a the end of our trip.

Do you use any WiFi dongles when away or do you stick to using the accommodation WiFi?

Disclaimer – We have not been paid in anyway for this post. This is 100% our opinion and truthful.

Wifi on the go for a family holiday

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